Please tell me what i am doing right and wrong. Thank you very much

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Springdale, AR

Please tell me what i am doing right and wrong. Thank you very much

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Hola Gil @Gil2464 


What a nice place you have in El Salvador!  It looks like you doing well since starting as a host, with nice reviews and some bookings.


My partner and I host our home in Oaxaca, Mexico, and we have been hosting for just over a year. 


I have a few suggestions to improve your listing. 



I think they look really good. Your place looks really clean and organized. 



I would suggest maybe changing your title to something that really catches your eye..

Like, "Luxury 2Bedroom - 2.5Bath Condo" 



I would add a bit to your description, detail each room: Living Room, Kitchen, Bedrooms (explain if they are ensuite), Amenities like gym and Laundry.   At the end maybe a list of nearby places and the distance: Grocery store, Markets, Restaurants, Airport.   Also detail the WIFi, and if there is a work space for remote workers. 


I have written a guide to help others enhance their listing, take a look, it may give you some ideas.



Again, you have a beautiful place and wishing you continued success as a Host.





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Port Moody, Canada

Amazing advice from @John7474 (thank you so much for that 👏👏👏).


@Gil2464 please let us know if you plan to implement any of these suggestions. Our Hosts would be happy to review your listing once you have made some adjustments.


All the best,



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