Airbnb owes me about $22,000 dollars . Is Airbnb a scam

Airbnb owes me about $22,000 dollars . Is Airbnb a scam

Have not received 90% of the money on all reservations since July 

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Hi @Gabriel4948 hope all is well. It sounds like you're experiencing a significant issue with your Airbnb host account. I recommend making sure your payout method is correctly set up in your Airbnb account. This includes verifying bank account details, PayPal account, or other payment methods you've chosen. Review your past reservations to confirm the status of each payout. Sometimes, payouts for certain reservations might be delayed or held due to specific issues with those bookings.


Familiarize yourself with Airbnb's policies regarding payouts. These policies may include conditions under which payouts can be delayed or withheld, such as issues with the guest's payment, cancellations, or disputes.


If everything seems correct on your end, the next step is to contact Airbnb's customer support. Provide any necessary documentation that Airbnb support might ask for, such as proof of property ownership, identity verification, or details of the reservations in question. 


Airbnb may send notifications or alerts regarding payout issues directly to your account or via email. Ensure that you haven't missed any important communications from Airbnb. If you suspect there might be a technical glitch or a systemic problem, mention this to the support team as well. Hope this helps! 



Thanks for responding, I’ve checked & confirmed all the payout methods . What’s weird is my co host & I only receive 10% of amount owed . So 90% is being held & Airbnb support has no idea where it is . Or can’t seem to track it . It’s been going on since I set this account up in July .  Has anyone else had or have issues like this . Seems impossible to get any help from support.