Beware of Scam messages regarding a reservation

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Beware of Scam messages regarding a reservation

Be careful out there fellow hosts.


1st Message received from scammer :



We really don't want to lose our funds, every day we communicate with technical support and we can't get the reservation or funds back.
I will send you the last technical support message, which they asked me to send you directly, because you don't respond to them either.
Please let's try to resolve this situation.


2nd Message received from scammer ( fraudulent fake Airbnb link redacted  )


Here's the response from customer service technical support:


Dear customer, an operator works in this service and is ready to assist you. Your reservation has been paid for but has not been automatically confirmed.

Please contact (owner's name) and share our message to resolve this situation.

The apartment owner must manually confirm the reservation via an internal link that we describe below.

This link is only accessible to the owner of the apartment, in order to protect the guest's reservation.


Instructions for owner:


1. Click the link below.


2) Allow, then in the transaction window that appears, manually confirm the guest's reservation.


3. Inform the customer and technical support of the booking confirmation.

Booking payment transaction number: 123109.


Internal confirmation link:

https:// redacted_link_removed 


The landlord has 5 hours to confirm the tenant's reservation due to a long lead time.


If the landlord does not respond and does not confirm the reservation, his account will be temporarily deactivated because he does not respect the rules relating to the accommodation of tenants.


Thank you for contacting our support team.






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Community Manager
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Hey @Augustin61 👋


Thank you so much for raising awareness to protect other Hosts. I just wondered if you have reported these messages to Airbnb? I have also raised it with the team to look into.  


Looking forward to hearing from you, 




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