Changing order of Photos on Mac

Changing order of Photos on Mac



I created my listing and arranged my photos. I would like rearrange again but now when I go to listing it takes me to "Create photo tour" and I don't want it to automatically organize my photos. I like to order them as I please. On another listing I clicked on it thinking it would give me an option but it changed all my photos around into categories and I had to re-order them.


Is it because I am on a mac? Some one said that was a possiblity.


Also, I cant seem to find where I change the room types etc. It's like this new listing editor doesn't let me change what I want to change.


And I wanted to attach a picture to this for reference but it wont let me know.


Thanks for advance for help.



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Hi @Lisa-And-Ari0 👋


It's been a while since you posted and I'm wondering whether you managed to get a resolution to your question? 


It'd be great to hear from you, so we can understand what the resolution was but also to support other Hosts who may have similar questions in the future. 😊



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Nope...didnt get any responses and still not sure. Any ideas?



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Hello @Lisa-And-Ari0 


You have three listings under your profile and I can see that the lovely Birmingham condo is with the new Photo Tour.  The other two are still with the old version.

My listing is with the Photo Tour and I use a Mac.  What would you like to change exactly?  With the Photo Tour you can change the order of the photos within the room but you cannot change the order in which the rooms appear on your listing.  All tours start with the Lounge, then the kitchen, then the dining room etc.


Let me know what you want to achieve and I'll try and help you out,

All the best


Hi @Lisa-And-Ari0 

Yes...I'm not a fan of the photo tour either. A great idea but needs "tweaking" to make it more user friendly. Two big issues I see:


1. Hosts cannot change the order in which rooms appear

2. Hosts cannot re-label or add a new room type


I kinda understand why Airbnb won't allow adding a new room type, or re-labeling a room, as AI is being used to handle the photo tour. However, I see no valid reason why Hosts can't re-order the rooms in the photo tour. Many Hosts don't want the living room to be the first room shown. I also wish they had a "room" for "spectacular views" of something like that. Many Hosts have unique properties with amazing views and want to highlight those first. 


There is a work-around so you can order the photos mostly the way you want. If you are interested, send me a PM and I will explain.

Thanks for the tips. Honestly I dont like the photo tour at all. As a guest I like just looking at the photos and not seeing it organized into sections. Im just gonna leave the older listings the way I have it because im worried that doing that photo tour will ruin the flow that I really want to show.


It would be great to learn more @Joan2709 



Lisa and Ari

Hi @Lisa-And-Ari0 

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