Community swimming pool

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Clarksville, TN

Community swimming pool

I’m new to airbnb and I listed access to my community pool. Should I include a waiver? Also how do you all protect yourselves from liability?

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Great question - My best suggestion is to visit with your business insurance agent, to determine what your STR insurance policy can cover. You might need a rider, your agent would know. 

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Helena-West Helena, AR

Who owns the "community pool" ? If this is an apartment, HOA or condo situation you'll need to have permission/sometimes a contract with the owners. It's not common for subletting to have access to amenities~

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Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Jacquelyn84,  thank you for posting this question in our community.


Have you had a chance to read the suggestions from our amazing Hosts? Are you considering discussing this with your business insurance agent?


Please keep us posted.



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