Critique My Listing - High Touristic Season, House in Greece

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Critique My Listing - High Touristic Season, House in Greece

Hi everyone! I have a unique situation. We are managing an AirBnB from abroad - the house is located on beautiful island of Mykonos, Greece! We are trying to bring back the life of a 90s house in a highly competitive market of hotels and luxury apartments. Fun fact: many AirBnB on the island are either hotel chains or are part of a company - very few people (like us) rent out their actual home/summer home.



 Things to note: Mykonos is a vacation hot spot only from May-September. We only have that time to make money. The island IS expensive, but we are not trying to compete with luxury villas or hotels. We are wanting to provide a nice experience and home for middle-class who want to enjoy a fun vacation without breaking the bank.




Perks we're trying to promote:

- Value for money - lots of space, big kitchen, luxury feel bedding
- Very spacious vs what you get for the same price elsewhere for way smaller (103 sqm + 2000 sqm garden with a view)
- Full stocked kitchen
- Private parking
- Overall privacy


Problems I wanted to know your opinion on.
1. What would watch YOUR eye when searching for accommodation in Greek islands?
2. How is our title?

2. We don't have a pool or extensive sea view like other properties boast, but we do have amazing garden space, valley, mountain and partial sea view that I think is pretty unique and special.
3. Our target group is 30s and older, groups of couples traveling together, friends, or families that just want more room and privacy.

Would love your opinion on the house. We put it on Airbnb, booking, did pretty well during the 'new' period, but the tourist season is only about 4 months that's all we have to make bookings. But this year so far....2 bookings and our analytics say we're not getting s good conversion rate...


Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 9.50.08 AM.png




/ Lindsey


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Hello Lindsey


Your house looks lovely. I wonder if the problem might be that the kind of tourists who go to Mykonos might prefer to stay in the main town where there is nightlife and restaurants. It's that kind of island.


The type of guests who would love to stay in your kind of house might choose quieter, less "party" islands. I know I would. Having visited Mykonos once or twice on our yacht, I would not wish to return to such a hectic, frenetic place.


Also, a fairly minor point, but your bedroom photos would look better if you straightened out the bedcovers, removing all the creases.


I don't have suggestions for solving your lack of bookings, unless you could make the point of a quiet location a bigger selling point, but explain how to get to the nightlife easily if guests want to do that.


Good luck!





Thanks so much for the feedback! True - it can certainly be crazy town in the summer. My social media focuses on learning about 'slow travel' on the island and how to enjoy differently - that's what we promote in the house too. I'll focus more on the quiet aspect.

Yes, will work on the bedroom photos. We are also getting a new, off-white couch (wish me luck on that 😅) so the living room photos will be updated too.

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Hello @Michalis46,


I'm glad to see that you've received some great suggestions 😊


I am reaching out to some of our hosts to see if they would like to offer additional suggestions: @Bettye6@John7474 and @Patricia2526 


All the best,



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Hi @Michalis46 

Your home is quite lovely and looks amazing with regards to comfort.

You have certainly did your research and I applaud you for that wit the analytics!

I agree with @Fiona256 that the bed covers should be taunt and not like it's been slept on.

Also you need to sell what one can do if they do come to your place! I am not able to find your Guide Book. It's nice to be in a quiet location but what else can one do there? As I am not familiar with that particular island I Googled and came up with multiple things to do. I would not only place those in your Guide Book but add all that into your description. There is a 1/2 day Delos Tour, cooking classes, 1/2 day private tour of the island, beautiful scuba diving, Catamaran Day & Sunset cruises, and many port of call tours too. List out the local markets or unique shopping and do not forget to add the restaurants and give detailed descriptions of what make that restaurant worth going too.  I get compliments/thank you regarding my Guidebook Book as it is very in depth.

Possibly add books, games, things to do while relaxing is a thought too. let your guest know your have bluetooth available if you are sending out playlists as well. 

My final word is that decreased bookings seems to be a very common concern of late of many hosts.  we compete against a much larger industry than a few years ago and now with BDC and Expedia the competition is harder. Plus the wars, election coming in USA in Nov. and our uncertain economy there are many who are just not choosing to travel right now.

The best of luck. A few tweaks here and there and I think in the long term you will be fine.