Critique my listing Bob Richland Center WI

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Richland Center, WI

Critique my listing Bob Richland Center WI


We started hosting in November of last year.   We have been hosting international travelers through a local program.  The program has ended so we decided to start hosting on AirBnb.   We have had a couple of completed reservations and we have 3 more on the books for this spring and summer.  Of course we had a couple of scammers attempts also.  


I am looking for a review of the listing to see how we can do better.   It is easy to see your own work but others have a fresh point of view.


I look forward to your input.





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Hi @Bob1514 ,

First the link you supplied takes me to my own listing though saw your place through your profile. Not sure if it’s my phone. 
You have a nice place. I would decrease the amount of guests & take the bed out of the laundry room. 
A little updating your space might help. 
Too many pictures of eating area & is that eating area able to hold a full house of guests?

More pictures of the view one would see sitting outside?

Just a few immediate thoughts. 
The best of luck. You have some nice reviews. 

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@Bob1514 I'm not trying to be mean, but I would not stay at your place. It's really unappealing. If you  want honest feedback I can continue, but that's up to you. Good luck. 



I would like your input.   That is how we improve and learn.



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I would suggest you would receive better advice if you were more definite who is your market.

A bed in the laundry area does sound odd to me but if your market is large groups it makes sense.

My most guests requests are contract workers not sight seers.  So for other hosts my choices of quiet hours, sharing bathroom rules and free parking are not the highlight that a Host in Vegas is promoting.

You are selling to a guest my rental is the best fit.  Why is it the best choice for someone?

I once in Hawaii managed vacation rentals for a owner not receptive with investing because old buildings.

We marketed extremely successfully.  Older challenged lol room rental for over 13 years.  We could charge a very profitable nightly rate that was significantly less than hotels in Hawaii costs.  One house I rented 4 bedrooms that allowed up to 2 people in a house with 1 shared bathroom.  The owners were seniors and we stopped renting it out in 2018, I still get a few calls every year asking for Hawaii rooms.  You have to know who will be buying then you can focus on what the actual buyer would want.

It might just be simple things you mentioned international guests so maybe just instructions available in someone's language to use the vacuum or the stove.  I get a lot of contract employees from Mexico.  I purchased a few simple spanish cookbooks for my instapot and airfryer.  Also in the U.S. those things everyone has that doesn't mean it is common in their country.  Simple things like I have a Roku device to just make using my bedroom tvs easier.  Most manufacturers have translated instructions, I am guessing Roku is not as common in Mexico because they didn't have directions in Spanish.  

These are some great ideas and wonderful input.   There are things we did not think of. that will help us improve.   Focusing on the purpose and having multi language instructions for items is great.   Thank you for your insight.   Being successful means adapting, improving and listening to wise advice.