Critique my listing - Ellen from Maryland - for NEW Villa Hygge, No. 2 with pickleball court!

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Severna Park, MD

Critique my listing - Ellen from Maryland - for NEW Villa Hygge, No. 2 with pickleball court!

We don't get many bookings -- I don't know if it's the area, or the write up or what it is! 


We're using PriceLabs to try to get the right pricing, and I'm not convinced it's working--- but would love any feedback!


I also cant figure out how to upload a photo here!  This is the listing:



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Hi @Ellen1104 


Gosh, what a wonderful place to stay,  your photos showcase your fastidiousness to creating a clean and tidy home.  You are just steps away from being booked 24/7!!  


I would lean in to the customer you want to attract, focus on the  unique  experience you offer — add many photos specific with descriptions that reflect this…. How do you want your space to resonate with a guest?   


Is this a space for families? Someone who wants a local vibe? A spa retreat?  Do you want repeat customers or one off’s? 


For example, Is this a retreat experience?  If yes, target the photo to reflect this…soft towels at the pool, the spa robe, plants in the living spaces… A tall pitcher of cucumber water on the table for their arrival?  Fruit for smoothies…The colors should be soft and relaxing in the bedroom vs. jarring and bold. 


Focus on your core customer ( you could be targeted 3 -4)  and the money will come…doesn’t matter what the name is…if it is numbered 1, 2 or 52….guests look at the photos and decide. 








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Hi @Ellen1104 and @Paula,

Welcome to the community! 

I looked at your beautiful listing and have a few suggestions for you:


1) I agree that you should consider changing the name of the listing. Having the numbers 1 and 2 are not helpful to a guest, it makes me think where is 1, am I sharing something? I remember giving someone else a suggestion as she had a similar scenario and I said maybe you can name it Oasis Lagoon Suite, Oasis Palm Suite, Oasis Triplex Retreat to help differentiate it from each other. The individual had a triplex and rented them separately and together so had different listings for each. A similar but different situation. I mean an altogether other consideration is could the space be split to rent to two different parties? The price per night may be high for the entire space but maybe more bookings could be had if you did a duplex like listing where someone could rent this half and the other could rent here but share the pool and pickleball. Just a thought - I know it may not be feasible but just trying to think outside of the box. I think @Paula may be able to provide the listing to the triplex I was mentioning earlier to get an idea.

2) Your pictures are beautiful. I would consider writing an inviting caption for each picture as if you were giving a personal tour to a special guest. What makes it special, is the pool heated? What is the view of? 

3) It would be helpful if you listed the closest grocery stores (in distance and drive or walk time), the nearest beaches (in distance and drive or walk time), nearest restaurants (with distance demand drive time), attractions, etc.


4) What made you decide to name it Hygge?  A little background on it would be nice in the intro.


5) Are there any special things to know about your home? One review said the beach was in walking distance but was steep (so you could say there is a beautiful beach but you may need to traverse a steep rocky terrain to access the quiet beach, etc.) 

Hi @Ellen1104 


Warm welcome to you! 🎉 First off, don't get discouraged about not getting many bookings. It happens to the best of us sometimes.  By the way, your place is awesome, you just need to make sure your listing is visible to potential guests by optimizing your listing's title and description with relevant keywords and have you considered promoting your listing on social media platforms or travel websites? It can help increase visibility and attract potential guests who might not have come across your Airbnb listing. Lastly, consider analyzing the pricing of similar listings in your area to ensure you're competitive.  You could also experiment with offering discounts for longer stays or special rates during off-peak seasons to attract more guests. 


 Keep hustling, and I'm sure those bookings will start pouring in!




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@James3814 Thank you so very much for the advice!  I'm working on it now.  I hadn't considered promoting on social media -- i will try to figure out how to do that!

@Ellen1104 @Paula 


Hi Ellen - 


Welcome to Airbnb hosting!  You have a beautiful place!


With listings, be patient, it takes a little time.    


I do have a few suggestions with your listing: 

I would take the No. 2 out of your title.. it's a bit confusing for guests. 

I would also really expand your listing... Tell us about the each of the rooms, the view, really tell a story with it.  


I have written a guide for the Community.  It might give you a few ideas how to "tell your story". 

The link is:


Again, you have a wonderful place! Wishing you all the best in your years of hosting.  






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@John7474 Thank you so very much for the advice!  I'm working on it now.  Your guide is terrific!

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Hello @Ellen1104, welcome to the Airbnb Community Center 😊


I am reaching out to some of our amazing Hosts to ask for their feedback on your listing:@Lorina14 @Marisa182 @Nicholas439 @James3814 and @John7474 


All the best,



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thank you Paula!!