Critique my listing - Jenny in Fredericksburg, TX

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Critique my listing - Jenny in Fredericksburg, TX

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I have two listings at this 6 acre property and other other is outperforming this one. Based on that, I woud assume it's not the location and not the price as they're both priced similarly. The main difference in ammenities are this one has a queen size bed and the other has a king and an outdoor shower. I'm not sure how much of a difference those two items would make but I'm curious as to what you think?

I did just realize a potentially huge problem that could have been affecting things- after trying to undo the new airbnb phototour by removing pics assigned to each room, my listing has said I have 0 bedrooms and 0 bathrooms for the last couple of weeks. Maybe this alone could have contributed to 0 reservations even though guests could see from the photos that I have a bedroom and bathroom? I see in the analytics that I've had views, so I believe it has still shown up in search results. Lastly, I've also tried changing title and hero pic and still haven't seen any new bookings.

Listing with bookings:
Listing without bookings:

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@Jenny1957 I would suggest one thing.  It is a shipping container which you disclose but for me your ad sort of emphasized what I am thinking a box.  Then I  read your happy guest reviews they also mention shipping container but both  mention a beautiful deck.  Which I wasn't thinking of in relation to  my box impression.   I would still disclose  but you seem to have created a beautiful  rental  not just a large box.  

Highlight the deck. 

Highlight your decorative skills Your Guest  mention so obviously you  have created an oasis you just started with a large box but your guests don't focus on that they focus on  the fact  that you created an environment they loved.

You had 2 very happy guests entice other Guest that would  be happy also because a similar  mindset.

Thank you! I added an additional mention of the deck and removed the extra mention of the shipping container. I appreciate your feedback.

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Bonjour Jenny, je voudrais partager avec vous mon Avis 

Vous avez un très joli endroit je ne trouve rien a rajouter, vos photos sont parfaites et l'endroit est magnifique et calme 

Peut-être avez vous diminuer le prix ou juste mettre prix intelligent ou des promotions weekends ou autre pour plus de réservation 

Bonne chance à vous 🥂 



Hello Jenny, I would like to share with you my Opinion

You have a very pretty place, I can't find anything to add, your photos are perfect and the place is magnificent and calm.

Maybe you have reduced the price or just put smart prices or weekend promotions or something else for more reservations

Good luck to you 🥂

Merci! I tried running a 20% off promo but still no bookings. 

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@Jenny1957 I would capitalize "homes" in the title. The title to a listing should be formatted like the title of a magazine or book.

Thank you for the suggestion. I’m trying a new title altogether but did utilize capitalization this time.

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Hi @Jenny1957   Firstly congratulations on your listings, both are beautiful and superbly finished.  I opened both links to your listings, as if i was a guest looking for a place to stay.. Although my points are  very minor i thought i might  mention them.

I think i would rearrange the main picture showing the outside chairs and fire pit to one  of the pictures showing the inside of your listing, as you have done in your other listing, also replace the word "fireflies" in your description with the word "Nature"

The Hexagon listing main pictures are lovely, clear and bright and they instantly grab my attention. Wishing you continued success and good fortune...



Thank you for the suggestions Michael. I changed the pictures and the title.

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Hello @Jenny1957,  I hope you're doing well 😊


There are some excellent suggestions in this thread from our amazing Hosts. Have you had a chance to read them? Have you considered implementing any of the changes they've suggested?


Keep us posted.



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Hi @Paula 


I appreciate all

of the suggestions and implemented all of them. I’m also experimenting with making the listing per friendly just to see if that helps and I also ran a 20% off promo. So far no bookings, but I’ll keep

experimenting. I ordered a hot tub, so maybe that will help and tomorrow I’m going to try making a third listing for both units combined to rent to small groups and see if maybe the hexagon will boost the container as well as hopefully get the 30 day new listing boost.


If anyone has any other suggestions, I’m all ears. Thanks again!