Critique my listing - John in Cocoa Beach, FL

Critique my listing - John in Cocoa Beach, FL

Hi all!  I've been listing my 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath single family home that's a few steps from Cocoa Beach FL on Airbnb for a little over a year and I'm proud to be a new superhost.


However my listing's issue is the nightly rate. On average, I see similar listings that charge $250-325/night, but my rates are closer to $125-150/night average. 


I would be very appreciative and grateful for any feedback! 


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@John7748 Put your rates up then. 

Sorry missing context - I start my rates in the 200s and as the booking date gets closer, I end up discounting them to the 100s to get them booked. 

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Hi @John7748 ,

I would not change a thing. 85 reviews in 1 year in my opinion you are doing an excellent job!
I’m thrilled with 50+ bookings in 10 months in my first year.
Your listing looks great. If you can afford to. keep your price lower than your competitors it’s a win win for you as your # of booking proves that & I think they will keep increasing. 
Great job in my opinion!

@Bettye6 Thank you for the kind words and encouragement 🙏