Critique my listing - Royal in Miami, FL

Critique my listing - Royal in Miami, FL

Photo_6553783_DJI_183_jpg_15849856_0_202212413128_photo_original.jpgHi everyone,


Recently we met with a problem: lack of bookings.

It worries us a lot. Who has the same problem? How do you think what reasons can be?


If you can take a look and share your thoughts about our listing that would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hi @Royal70 ,


Did you have any luck with new bookings since you posted?

I see that your guests leave lovely reviews for you and the ratings are great.🙌


Do you have similar listings in your area or got in touch with Hosts nearby to know if they are facing lack of bookings too?



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Bergamo, Italy

Hi @Royal70,  we also experienced such an issue, in the last 30 days (after Summer Release was released) we had half the views we had before and no bookings 🤔