Critique my listing, Vancouver, Canada - What can be improved to get bookings?

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Critique my listing, Vancouver, Canada - What can be improved to get bookings?

Please help…this is my listing :

I donno why but I am not getting any bookings. It’s been about two weeks since I posted but I have not a single booking. It’s a really beautiful, quiet and peaceful neighbourhood with trail walks beside a river, plus a small shopping strip just within 5 mins walk from my place. Is it because the room was actually transformed from my laundry room? Or is it because the cot-sized bed? Or both? Or the shared bathroom upstairs…. Or those don’t really matter if I priced it right? Do you think my price is reasonable? Would you stay at my Airbnb? It’s my first time doing Airbnb… I always wanted to do Airbnb but my house is just so small this is the best I can do.


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For me a couple of things

1.  Not a real bed.

2.  Dirty dishes, that would bug me.  I don't want to schedule you to wash my dishes and gathering dirty dishes the length of my stay wouldn't be comfortable to me.

3.  Scheduling taking a shower daily with no guarantees.  I would suggest either designationing times available daily or that a schedule with each guest will be set prior to booking.

4.  There is just no way two people could comfortably sleep on one cot.

5  I would suggest a tv or something for unwinding at the end of the day.

6.  Your price in regards to no designated shower, a cot not a bed and the other items I mentioned is for me way to high.  For that price I could get at least a bed amd a shower.


Sorry not trying to be insulting just honest.

Hi @Marie8425 , thanks for your honest opinion. Your feedback is very helpful for me. I really appreciate you taking your time to help. What do you think if I try to use my daybed there instead? It uses a single-size mattress and I got a really comfortable mattress for it. It’s just that it’ll make the space quite tight. Or I also thought about using a single size Murphy bed, but I don’t want to spend $1000+ installing one and not even sure if it’ll work out. I am just trying to see if my space works as an Airbnb at this stage… 

For the dirty dishes, would you think it’ll be better if I ask them to put it outside beside my door in a bin that I provide? Would that be better? 
And for using the shower/bath upstairs, is it better if I set a time between 8-9pm where their door will be unlocked if they want to use the shower/bath that’s the time they can go up to use it? 

thanks so much for your feedback! 


The dishes I would suggest provide majority of disponible dishes.  I don't want to have my morning coffee looking at the remnants of dinner last night and I don't know your house but my imagination will think I am encouraging rodents or bugs right outside my door.

The shower depends on your layout 1 set hour a day during my stay means I have to make sure I acomodaste.  You can use electric locks and mine I can set times of day coode won't work or set times of day will work.  I have multiple users in my house but my app generates a notification what lock is being opened what time and which user.  It also sends me a notification that like my front door was locked after use or not locked.  I love them because people forget to lock the front door and I can lock using my phone.  Don't set a time in your ad just a schedule has to be agreed upon prior to acceptance.

Bed That's a hard one but though smaller area space a day bed presents as a sitting place and a bed.  I used to rent in Hawaii and space everywhere is a commodity Haha.  Less space but also space for what I am not planning a dance party lol.  Less space but a more comfy space is more attractive.  

I would price for 1 person that would be your normal but 2 could squeeze into a daybed so put 2 as your max with a price increase for a second person.

No TV can be fine.  I have a short term room with no tv >  Most people have a tablet or laptop and some streaming app.  I didn't notice if you have but Wifi is almost expected now.  I highlight for my room with no tv that it i available and you can use the Airbnb  app to validate.



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@Cindy660 Most of what I write here is solely opinions, so they are somewhat subjective. You offer a somewhat unique space, given the size, however there is definitely a market for smaller affordable options such as your space. 


A few things that might inhibit me from booking your space would be the following


-Bathroom availability. When traveling weather for work or pleasure, it would be difficult to make showering/bathing during an hr. or two hr. window possible. Additionally, I typically shower in the morning and evening, especially if I'm out and about or doing activities in the area. With that said, I would have to wake up at a certain hr. and return at a certain hr. just to shower and fit that within your time availability. I understand that you are not offering your entire home, however if you are lacking necessary amenities you might want to be more flexible in guest access to those things. 


-Entertainment- As another host mentioned it might be nice to offer a small tv in the space. You can purchase one for relatively cheap, and it would be a nice amenity for guest, given that the area is rather confining and most guest will be relaxing in bed while in the room.


-I would give guests the necessities to wash their own dishes. I would feel odd having to ask you to come get my dirty dishes and or leave them through my entire stay. You can purchase a nice compact drying rack and provide dish soap. for relatively cheap


Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for giving me your valuable feedback! These are so helpful to know! So I guess for the use of shower/bathtub upstairs, what you mean is to just be flexible and allow the guest to use it anytime they want but schedule in advance with me? Because I do have a lock on the guest’s doors where I block off from the rest of the house just for security. I do have two little ones at home. That’s why I am not comfortable to have the guests just come out of their door anytime without any notifications to go shower. My husband does not want our lives to be disturbed too much by the guests so I am trying to make it work for everyone in the house while trying to make this Airbnb work so I can earn some side income to help with expenses.


For the dishes, I guess I offered to clean the dishes is because I am afraid the washroom sink is not suitable for that? Or do you think it’s fine? And do guests usually wash their own dishes during their stay? Or they would leave dirty dishes for the host to wash after they leave? 

Do you think the cot bed would work at all? I chose a cot because that seems like the best size to fit that tight space… do you also think that’s another factor that’s turning people away? 


Thanks again for helping!




I would suggest don't offer what you don't have.

There is no kitchen access.  There are quite a few successful Airbnb Host that don't provide a room with a kitchen access.  Just when you are doing price comparison.

No kitchen is fine.  You can go on Amazon buy a travel coffee maker so small and the guest has the  ability to make coffee  or tea in the morning.  Non dairy creamer, sugar, disposable coffee cup and water in bathroom.

Nice to offer but not a necessity is a cooler.  You decide if you or  the guest supplies ice just allows a  guest to have a cold soda or juice.


Another plus would be access  to a microwave.  Again Amazon has small ones.  If not in the room outside door in the hallway is great.

You are offering a bargain stay.  Inexpensive but high commodities you don't always   get at a  cheap motel cleanliness  and safety.

Market and make business decisions based on what you  have to offer..  There is nothing wrong if honest and quality.   It is a  small but confortable, clean, safe and quiet room.  Don't try to invent  a kitchen that doesn't exist.  Spend your time and money on making what does exist quality..



Also read this post topic [Celebration] The Gift of Giving in the Community Forum.

The Host  has an incredible listing but note what makes her special to her guest is  not square footage  but her personality displayed in the  environment.

Hi Marie, thanks for your suggestions. Currently I believe I put down as ‘kitchenette’, cuz I have a portable stove that they can use to cook, a coffee machine with hot water function as well, utensils, cooking ware, bowls and plates in the cabinets, etc. So are you saying to just keep it simple and don’t provide any cooking stuff? Thanks