Critique my listing

Critique my listing

Hello , We listed our Coach House on the 22nd April 2024 3 weeks ago , we have had 4 bookings our first guest checked in today , one of the guests cancelled pretty soon after booking with no message. We are a bit surprised and expected more bookings as we have been listed 3 weeks . Other Airbnbs in the area are not fully booked so it may just be a slower time, however we would appreciate any feedback thoughts on our listing . Thank you 

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Hello @Dave1466, how are you? I hope you don't mind but I edited your post to add a direct link to your listing. This way fellow hosts can view it easily and provide some feedback 😊



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Hi @Sophia 


We are well thank you. Much appreciated you adding that link. We have had a great response and some points we can implement.



Hi @Dave1466 

Luv your place! A few suggestions to try mostly regarding Title and photos. Try suggetions for at least a week or so. If it doesn't improve bookings, switch it up. Sometimes a cover photo we think will work doesn't. 


Complete ALL Sections of Listing

Looks like some sections of the listing are missing? I don't see Other Details, Neighboorhood Description and Getting Around? Airbnb's algorithm gives points for a complete Listing.


Add Captions to Every Photo

This is also important as the algorithm takes into account the quality of your photos and if they have a description/caption



Most guests are looking for what makes your listing stand out; not the actual name you have given the property. Try to list your best amenities in the title and save the name of the property for the end of your description. I think your best amenities are the Washer/Dryer, Private Back Yard and Private Entrance. Instead of "Rachel's Retreat at the Ridge" try:


"Newly Built Pvt Entrance & Back Yard | W/D"   OR

"Newly Built w Pvt Back Yard/Entrance | W/D"


Cover Photo

Professional photos are always the best ROI for Hosts and my first recommendation. I do like your kitchen photo, but market research shows twilight exterior photos do very well. Also any photo with water (ocean, river, creek, pool, hot tub). I would try retaking the photo below with all the lights on inside (including inside garage) and try that as your cover photo. Wait until you see a soft glow from the lights but can still clearly see the house features. I would also take one from the back yard looking toward the house. Drone shots are great and not that expensive any more. Most professional photographers offer drone shots as part of their services.





Add a FIre Pit

When you can, add a brick or concrete pad and add a fire pit. Propane fire pits are safer than wood-burning and no mess to clean up. You'll have to check with your insurance if that would be an issue to add one. String lights in the patio area or along the fence are nice too. Take photos at twilight with fire going. If you add a fire pit then include that in your Title.


Chairs in Living Room

The pillows and throws on both chairs make it seem a bit cluttered. I would put one throw on one chair and one pillow on the other and reshoot.



I would make it clear if guests have access to the garage (looks like they don't),  but I would state that under Guest Access. If you will be using the garage during guest stays you should indicate the driveway is a "shared space." 


Mountain View

Mountain View is mentioned under amenities, but not sure I can tell from photos if you can see the mountain view from inside? If so, be sure to add a caption/description for the photo and mention the name of the mountain peak(s) the guests will see in the photo.


Add Accessibility Photos

Even though you have stairs, you would qualify for lit path to entrance and accessible parking space under accessibility. You can look up the requirements in the Help Center.

Hi @Joan2709, Thank you so much for your feedback. It’s really interesting to gain your insight and we will look to implement as many of them as we can. We do have guests for this next week - so the pictures will have to wait until they leave.


An additional question we would appreciate thoughts on - we are on the periphery of the last phase of the subdivision development. Home under construction opposite the coach house and open lots adjacent. Presently when guests book I inform them of this at that time. Is this the best way of handling the current situation? Our fear of putting it in the listing would deter people from booking. The guests that have booked have not cancelled once I shared the construction. The current guests acknowledged it and said no worries.


Thank you in advance


Hi @Dave1466 

Good idea to message guest when booking to let them know. That is the fair thing to do so they can cancel if they wish. Better to do that than get a bad review as guest feels they weren't informed of the noise.


Suggest you add "potential for noise" in Property Info/Safety Section and in Other Details to note just to cover all the bases. Most guests never read that far though, so it's good you advise them in a message. Guests are usually out and about during the day when construction noise is occurring and don't care (usually 8-9am to 5pm). 



BTW....when you reshoot cover...go ahead and open fence gate so they can see the back yard area in the photo. Think I saw that you had the gate open with the closeup of the door and that is a great idea!


Best wishes and future success!