Feedback on my listings

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Feedback on my listings

Hi! I am seeking to rent out rooms in my home (with access to the public spaces) as well as the whole home. I have 3 listings and would love some feedback as to how to get more bookings. Thanks! 

View on AirbnbVilla in Austin · ★New · 1 bedroom · 1 bed · 1 shared bathroom
View on AirbnbVilla in Austin · ★New · 1 bedroom · 1 bed · 1.5 bathrooms
View on AirbnbVilla in Austin · ★New · 3 bedrooms · 8 beds · 2.5 bathrooms

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I would suggest that with such a high bar only experienced guests when you don't have hosting experience yet, your ad space needs to be beefed up.  What is special for your listing? Quiet oasis is great but there are many quiet oases where I am not the first guest.

I think your first listing 3 bedrooms 1 bed might be an error,

A Casita is more a 1 bedroom apt then a room.

Thank you. I’ve made some updates. 

I have 3 listings:


- whole house. (3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms)

- Room w breakfast, shared bathroom, access to shared areas 

- King room w breakfast, private bathroom, access to shared areas, added amenities 

@Ximena225 I looked at the  first listing it said 3  bedrooms, one bed.

Your other two listings use Casita in description so  I wasn't sure what was being rented.

When you want experienced guests those types of  confusion  usually  they  aren't as forgiving.  Nothing  wrong in your market choice  but  your  adds have to attract your market..







Thank you!!!! I think I made the correct cleanups so that rooms and beds and baths reflect correctly. Thank you so much. 



I looked again  now you have 3 villas not  separate  bedrooms.  You want to fix that because  Airbnb will  not display your rooms to anyone searching  for rooms.  Rather then inviting people to cancel if minors for another guest  making a parent worried you  might cancel  them  because of kids, present as a  positive children welcome.  If  someone is that  uncomfortable about something none of their  business you probably don't want to waste your time.  Also it says private bath description says share full bath  but  shower upstairs.  A full  bath  has a shower why would I need to   go  upstairs?

Which listing are you referring to about the bathroom 

there is a half bath downstairs and a full bath upstairs where the bedrooms are. 

Sorry had to work lol  I  think   your    changes about  children  a lot more welcoming..

Your  room  rentals are still under hommes  so Airbnb will not  show you  for people requesting rooms


The  second  room  listing is under private  bath  but youur description   says
🚽 🚿 Shared full bathroom with standing shower. Half bath on first floor.


I  just know  I rent rooms  and   for  some   a private  bath   they will  pay more  for  but if they arrive   to  a shared  bath  instead  you   will likely  have  a   very  unhappy  guest,   

There are 2 bathrooms upstairs. One is part of Lovers Den. The other is shared.


which listing shows it incorrect? 

The the Room setting 

one of my listings is the whole house. 
the other two show as listed under Rooms. 

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Hello @Ximena225I hope you don't mind but I edited your post to add a direct link to your listing. This way fellow hosts can view it easily and provide some feedback 😊



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