Hampton Beach Home Located Near The Marsh

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Dracut, MA

Hampton Beach Home Located Near The Marsh

My first year listing the home, I am located near the marsh.

The tide goes up/goes down.

Not sure how I can leave note/warning regarding the tide w/out raising any concerns.

Anyone else deal w/this problem? 

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Scotland, United Kingdom

My cottage is right beside the shore on a tidal estuary. When I welcome guests and show them round, we talk about the ever-changing tide and I show them where it rises to. Everyone understands that the tide goes in and out and I've never found it an issue.


If you don't meet your guests on arrival, you could put together a simple information sheet, maybe with photos of high tide and low tide, print it out in colour and frame it, then have it on the wall somewhere prominent, or have it in your welcome folder/house guide.


You could also say in your listing description something about watching the tide rise and fall, or go in and out if people really don't understand rise and fall. You just have to inform them.



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Takoma Park, MD

@Carmen2485  Why would anyone be concerned about the tide coming in and out? You're not responsible for the actions of Mother Nature. I'm stumped as to why this is a problem. 

Hunmmmm ur right. I’m js over thinking and js want everyone to be happy! lol