Have you considered becoming a Co-Host?

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Port Moody, Canada

Have you considered becoming a Co-Host?



Hello everyone,


There are different situations that might lead us to look for a Co-Host, whether we are just starting out and want the best advice from the beginning, or if we need help with daily activities ranging from cleaning and welcoming guests to full-service property management.


Have you ever thought about becoming a Co-Host? Or, if you are already a Co-Host, would you like to share some tips with those considering becoming one?


Share your experience in the comments.



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Stuart, FL

Hi Paula,

Co-hosting has its benefits and I’d be willing to co-host if my partner was local, had the same standards and willing to reciprocate.

Warm regards,



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Seattle, WA

Hi Paula, I would love to co host! Currently I meet people in person, bring wine etc. I would perfer to co host ** or within downtown Seattle 😀


**[Address removed due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]

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San Antonio, TX

Hi Paula, I have considered becoming a Co-Host and believe communication and adaptability are crucial for success.


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Chapel Hill, NC

In Chapel Hill, NC and have thought about it! NC requires a real estate license for full property management, is it worth doing on a lesser scale? 

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Owensboro, KY

Hi Paula,


I would definitely be interested in learning more about becoming a co-host!  

I would prefer to have local hosts of the same mindset with a focus on excellent service-

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Dallas, TX

Yes! I actually look to co host on other properties in Texas. 

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Santa Fe, NM

Thank you for contacting me. At this point in time I am not

able to take on co-hosting.

Thank you, Gudrun

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Bengaluru, India

What should be my motivation in becoming a co host? I don’t get it.

Am I asking a stupid question?

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Punta Gorda, FL

Paula, I haven’t considered the subject. I would like more information about becoming a co- host. 

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Stellenbosch, South Africa

Not for me, thanks.

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Chalandri, Greece

Hello dear Paula, I am a co - host for more than a year and I really love it!  It is easy to share the responcibilities of a house, if you have a clear plan of what one has to do is a blessing! And you share also the good reviews etc!


Ioanna **

Athens Greece


**[Sensitive information removed in line with the Community Center Guidelines

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Bournemouth, United Kingdom

No thanks, ask me again in a year.

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Colorado Springs, CO

Hi Paula

Yes! I would love to cohost. Are you looking or know anyone that is?

Thank you!


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Telluride, CO

Hello! What is a co host? 
thank you.