How many guests can your Airbnb accommodate?

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Toronto, Canada

How many guests can your Airbnb accommodate?

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Hello everyone!


Whether you are a traveller searching for a comfy stay or a Host setting up your listing, outlining clear details of the space and the number of guests it can accommodate plays a crucial role in ensuring a comfortable stay.   


Setting clear expectations on the maximum number of guests a listing can accommodate remains the most important aspect for both guests and Hosts.

As the number of guests your listing can accommodate differ from listing to listing and the type of stay you offer, I would like to ask our amazing Hosts : How many number of guests does your Airbnb accommodate?

Have you ever encountered situations where you had to accept more people on a guest's request? 




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Washington, DC


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Townsville, Australia

Different properties allow between 2-11


id prefer to have less at the big homes 

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Sagle, ID

3 bedrooms,  6 people comfortably.

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Burlingame, CA


8 can sleep comfortably in my 3 bed, 2 bath plus den house.



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Grantham, United Kingdom

I have 3 rooms and can accommodate 6 guests in total 



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Los Gatos, CA

8 Comfortably

My Airbnb can accept 6 people comfortably 

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Lanlivery, United Kingdom


our cottage in lostwithiel, Cornwall can accommodate 5 people 

1 to 2 pets no smoking.its a bedroom 1 full sized bed

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Marina Del Rey, CA

I have 2 listings .

1 will accomodate 4 and the other 6 

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Los Angeles, CA

Our listing accommodates 8 people, it's an absolutely beautiful complex and villa, lush, gorgeous desert surroundings.  Sorry I didn't respond sooner, didn't see the message on regular airbnb site.



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London, United Kingdom

Listing offline but...
Sleeps 8

Sleeps 4 in beds
Sleeps 4 on airbeds.
There is plenty of warning in the listing that the airbeds are partially made-up and may still be stored under the normal beds. Guests worry about this, and when they find that there is a duvet ready, draped over a towel rail, I hope they are a bit relieved. That way I can leave-out a slightly damp duvet if there is a spare day before the guests arrive.

Only a few large groups go for this option officially - I am sure a few more have used the airbeds without stating numbers, but I only charge a small amount extra for using them.

The limit is that there is one shower.
Another limit is that larger parties seem to need more housework; linen alone takes whatever amount of time.

The prompt was that people have sometimes asked as a favour if I can sleep more, and then I find that a high maximum guest number does attract attention a bit if I am clear about the down-side. The only visitor who wanted to sleep eight kept his youngest child in bed with him, so it was more like a seven.

I use cheap airbeds with an underblanket parcel-taped over each one. Then a fitted sheet. Amazon Basics are good because their elastic pulls tight over the under-sized mattrass. 

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Vaxholm, Sweden

Hello Bhumika.

My house has 3 rooms that can accomodate 6 persons.

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กทม, Thailand

Hi Bhumika, 

Most of my apartments are studio type of rooms, so I can accommodate 2 guests and more if they are willing to sleep on the couch or the floor. I can provide them with a mat to sleep on. It is the Asian culture.

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Charleston, SC

Hi—my accommodation on Edisto Beach can sleep a total of six people in 3 bedrooms.

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Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Hi Bhumika.  I have a few listings on Airbnb.  I'm not sure which listing you are referring to.  One has one bedroom and a sleeper couch which can sleep 3.  The other two listings have two bedrooms each and can sleep 4 each.

we have 2 bedrooms and can accommodate 4 guests.

We have 4 bedroom and can accommodate 8 guests. 

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Dublin, Ireland


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Hampton Bays, NY

Hello @Bhumika , my cottage can accommodate 4 guests.  There’s two seperate bedrooms, each has a queen sized bed .