How many guests can your Airbnb accommodate?

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Toronto, Canada

How many guests can your Airbnb accommodate?

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Hello everyone!


Whether you are a traveller searching for a comfy stay or a Host setting up your listing, outlining clear details of the space and the number of guests it can accommodate plays a crucial role in ensuring a comfortable stay.   


Setting clear expectations on the maximum number of guests a listing can accommodate remains the most important aspect for both guests and Hosts.

As the number of guests your listing can accommodate differ from listing to listing and the type of stay you offer, I would like to ask our amazing Hosts : How many number of guests does your Airbnb accommodate?

Have you ever encountered situations where you had to accept more people on a guest's request? 




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California, United States

One of my listings has a permit for 8 people with the City of Ventura where it is located. I have it listed as a 6 person occupancy on Airbnb. Several times  over the last 4 years people have more than 6 people but fortunately the permit is for 8 so it worked out. The city counts infants as a person although Airbnb says they don't count. The Airbnb rules are in conflict with the City of Ventura when counting persons. If a guest shows up with more than 8 it's a problem because I could loose my license. I have made the determination however, if there are visitors that come to see the guests staying and they end up too drunk to drive, I would prefer they stay at the home even though I know it is a violation of City rules, rather than having a drunk driver get on the road and hurt themselves or others. I adjust to the needs of the guests and the situations that arise. Safety first.


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Bridgeton, NJ

No more than two.

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England, United Kingdom

@Bhumika Each of our apartments sleeps 2 times the number of bedrooms. This is a comfortable amount that means we have enough sofa and dining table space for the number of guests.  Where hosts try to cram extras in I think their reviews suffer.

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Swannanoa, NC

@Bhumika  Just as @Mike-And-Jane0 stated, my properties sleep 2 times the number of bedrooms offered.  My AirBnB 2 bedroom cabin will accommodate 4 human beings of any age or size.  My larger 3 bedroom properties are advertised as sleeps 6, even when a sleeper sofa or other alternate bed is available.


Our properties have licensing or are zoned for a certain number of persons. In NC, persons means a living, breathing human being of any age or size, so infants and children COUNT.  Some AirBnB guests think that all children are free.  Our larger properties are especially prone to guest numbers in excess of the advertised capacity, as children "can sleep on the floor".  We are not interested in overcapacity and potentially destructive guests. We do not advertise sleeper sofas, futons, trundle beds, air mattresses or any alternate sleeping space.  


I have had guests who neglect to mention children or who have invited other adult persons to stay a night here and there during their reservation.  I deal with these situations on a case-by-case basis, but the booking guest is usually informed that they must seek a different accommodation for themselves or their extra guests.  If told that my licensing is in danger of revocation, they are usually compliant.  



Yes @Lorna170 ! Why do people think children don't count? I find they also add a lot more cleaning time needed to do turn-overs. 

@Bhumika , our listing only accommodates maximum 2 people.  Sometimes I wish we could add square footage to our unit so it can accommodate 4 people. However, after 5 years of hosting, cleaning and replacing items,  we are fine with 2 people max. Less wear and tear on our unit (keeps cost down) along with less time spent cleaning unit for 2 vs 4 works for me.

@Ana2038 I am in the same situation as you, yes, we could host four, but it's not worth the extra wear, tear, and cleaning for the small space. 

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California, United States


@Bhumika  My condo can accomodate 3 comfortably

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Salisbury, CT


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Pleasant Hill, CA

One 6 and the other 7. Yes guests booked for 5 then asked for 2 more 

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Milwaukie, OR

The unit can legally accommodate 4 but I prefer (and updated my settings) to host only 2 unless there are special requests or circumstances. Also, it seems that children under a certain age aren't counted as extra guests, but I'm not sure on that one... I've heard and read mixed things on this. I also don't "allow" children in AirBnB settings due to open stairs, swimming pool access, and zero child-proofing but I think legally they can bring them anyway, and they often do. We have a queen sized bed, a queen sleeper sofa, and there is seating in the dining area for four.

There is only 1 bathroom, and 4 guests are really just too much for the tiny space. It has resulted in excessive cleaning and more wear and tear. 

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Fort Myers, FL

Being a tiny home, our unit can accommodate 2 adult individuals, as listed on Airbnb. There is additional space as needed for a guest, child/children when needed. 

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Austin, TX

Four guests.