How many guests can your Airbnb accommodate?

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Toronto, Canada

How many guests can your Airbnb accommodate?

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Hello everyone!


Whether you are a traveller searching for a comfy stay or a Host setting up your listing, outlining clear details of the space and the number of guests it can accommodate plays a crucial role in ensuring a comfortable stay.   


Setting clear expectations on the maximum number of guests a listing can accommodate remains the most important aspect for both guests and Hosts.

As the number of guests your listing can accommodate differ from listing to listing and the type of stay you offer, I would like to ask our amazing Hosts : How many number of guests does your Airbnb accommodate?

Have you ever encountered situations where you had to accept more people on a guest's request? 




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My Airbnb can accept 6 people comfortably 

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Los Gatos, CA

8 Comfortably

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Grantham, United Kingdom

I have 3 rooms and can accommodate 6 guests in total 



8 can sleep comfortably in my 3 bed, 2 bath plus den house.



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Burlingame, CA


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Sagle, ID

3 bedrooms,  6 people comfortably.

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Townsville, Australia

Different properties allow between 2-11


id prefer to have less at the big homes 

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Washington, DC


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Greater Sudbury, Canada


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Nashville, TN


Hi Bhumika,

My place can accommodate for adults we have a queen size bed and a double bed.



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Kirksville, MO

We have a full bed in loft

2 chair beds for 2-12

1 twin 10” air Mattress 

1queen mattress


So different sizes and ability to climb stairs can be met


4-5 depending 

4 adult sized 

2 adults 1 youth 2 smaller children would be most 


our Daughter has 4 children 3-13 plus the 2 parents and they stay there but crowded with the extra bed  so 4 is comfortable 

I can accomodate 8,  I have  three bedrooms one kings size bed and a Queen size murphy bed in the master suite , a queen in the second bedroom and two twin beds in the third in addition to those there is a child size chaise in the master and a child size futon in the second bedroom.  Upon special request and of course an additional fee there are more beds in a seperate area  of the house that would normally be closed to guests.  In that area there is a full size and a twin size bed as well as a roll away.

My place can accommodate 4 adults in total. I have available a queen size bed in the main bedroom and 2 sofas that can turn into beds for 2 more. I want to ask you also a question. My place is in another town than the one I live currently. How me as a host can be sure about the number of persons that will come and stay eventually? What I want to ask is , if the use of camera in common areas such as the staircases that you have to go up to enter the house or the entrance of the building is acceptable by the Airbnb policy. I know that you can also mention that there is a camera on the property but I want to give me your opinion on this matter. I appreciate your question and I’m so glad to be a member of this amazing community . 

My understanding is you can use security cameras on the exterior like Ring.

Kelley Hartwyk