Iphone app notification won't go away

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Iphone app notification won't go away

Dear Community,
I have a notification showing on my Airbnb app but no pending requests or messages at all. I've looked extensively, anyone have any ideas how to clear this as it may prevent me from replying to an actually request in a timely manner. I have redownload the app, turned notifications on and off. No notifications appear on the dashboard of the website. 


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Logging out of my account on the app, and then logging back in seemed to do the trick for me. You can find the Logout button under the Settings.

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This was driving me mad too until I discovered that I had 3 messages from when I was a guest that had also come through as texts so I had answered them that way and not through the app. I was looking for notifications as a host, not as a guest which is why I couldnt find them

Same here!  I had messages as a guest that I hadn't clicked on.  This finally fixed it.  Thank you so much, it was driving me insane!

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The persisting issue with Airbnb's app, which the developers have yet to resolve, has been a recurring inconvenience for me over the past six years. Despite numerous attempts to find a solution, the only effective method I've discovered to eliminate the bothersome red notification icon is accessing my account through a computer and archiving the read message responsible for triggering the notification.

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Didn't work. Did it twice, even deleted the App and reloaded it ... it's still there ! It's driving me insane !

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yes I have the same issue.  As some have already stated this is obviously a bug with the app... Airbnb need to resolve this.  Do we know if they have looked into this or replied to this issue?

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Best to send a message to their Twitter handle @AirbnbHelp.  They reply fairly promptly and the more people who report the quicker they'll sort it.

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I have same problem for last month or so...

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Thanks so much!! This was soooo annoying! 

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Thank you soooooo much!!! I had tried everything until I saw this! 

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Logging out and back in is only a TEMPORARY solution, until the next notification triggers it back ON again. Then the issue of not clearing re-occurs.


Please fix ASAP, otherwise your users will start ignoring the notification badge (above the iOS app icon), which will lead to customer experience / owner-guest communication issues.

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Also suffering from this OCD-person's nasty little itch
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Ugh...thanks so much...worked over here.

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My app has been like this for weeks, but I just figured it out!
Tap the little person with the heart on the bottom right of the app. Then select settings and log off.
Log back in, and the false notifications disappear!
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This is a problem that should be solved by Airbnb! Why? Because so many people are having the same problem. And the Airbnb app seems to be the only app with this problem. It could be a combination of IOS settings and the app but the cure must be brought by Airbnb
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Thank you! It worked. Has been driving me nuts.
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Anche io 🙁
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Seven years on... this issue is happening. I've logged out/in. Deleted app and reinstalled it. Turned off/on notifications and gone through both inboxes and all my settings. I've tried Airbnb Support but they didn't help and have now marked my unresolved issue as Your Case is Closed.

It's messing up my iphone homescreen and really bugging my OCD. If you've any advice apart from what I've already done, please send it my way! Many thanks x

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@Sue616 this usually means you have notifications (often from support) on your travelling account rather than your host account. Try switching to this account and you may find the messages.

I don’t have a host account and this still happens to me. It’s been 7 years and they haven’t done anything at all to fix the issue

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Hey @Stefan4213,


I get super annoyed by notifications too. Would you be able to give these steps a try? 


  • Log out (on all affected devices/browsers)
  • Close all browser windows/tabs (on all affected devices/browsers)
  • Open ONE new window (on all affected devices/browsers)
  • Clear cache and cookies and browser history (on all affected devices/browsers)
  • Delete & re-install app (if applicable)
  • Log in with your email from your account 

Please let me know if the problem persists. 



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