Listing doesn't show like others in area: problems because of Cubilis - Airbnb connection?

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Alken, Belgium

Listing doesn't show like others in area: problems because of Cubilis - Airbnb connection?

We have three accomodations on Airbnb (we are a professional host - B&B), but we are very hard to find on the map and in the search results. You have to zoom in extensively on the map to find us. This has been a problem for quite some time, and we can't seem to get it fixed (also after contact with Airbnb). We are not in a very busy area (Alken, near Hasselt, Belgium).


Other accomodations with similar pricing and services have no problems showing up on the map (and get many guests and reviews), which puts our accomodations even further back in the search results.


We manage our listings on Airbnb within the Cubilis booking manager. Mainly because of the calender synchronisation, but we have to use this connection for adding texts, photo's etc to Airbnb via Cubilis instead of directly into Airbnb. Not a fan. There are some problems because of this, with incorrect descriptions ('1.5 bathroom' instead of 1) and the wrong standard language (English instead of Dutch for the Dutch/Belgian Airbnb site, so we rewrote everything in Dutch, but then it will also show in Dutch on the English Airbnb).


Other succesfull accomodations on Airbnb to not seem to work with Cubilis, which makes us think this could be the reason we're not showing correctly? 


Has anyone had similar experiences with this Cubilis connection with Airbnb?



Many thanks for any advice!


Paul & Diantha


Listings (in Dutch):



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Hey @Paul-En-Diantha0 ,

Did you find any suitable advice related to your query?

Are there any tips or suggestions you would like to offer other Hosts who might be using a similar service?


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