MASSIVE nightly price jumps out of the blue on our home....

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San Diego, CA

MASSIVE nightly price jumps out of the blue on our home....

Hi there, 


We live in San Diego and have a property just south of the border in Rosarito, Mexico. 

We self manage and are superhosts with our listing appearing as a Guest Favorite, high in the searches. 


We had a great spring, normal bookings, pricing was great etc. 

Then one day our daily pricing jumped nearly 10x...from say $400USD to $4000USD. 

We are not connected to pricelabs....and have smart pricing turned off. 

I went in again and planned out the summer pricing and made changes for all holidays, festivals, nightly minimums etc. 

Everything saved and looked great... then today it SKYROCKETED again. 



One big concert festival weekend I manually adjusted to $1800/night... and today it shows $25,000 per night. 

I thought maybe it was a currency issue with MX/USD but all of my setting are still USD.... If Im logged out on a different browser, a guests view is the $25k per night too. 


Interesting thing I noticed is all of my nightly minimums and special weekend type rules are still in there....and my most expensive weekends I entered are still the most expensive weekends, but the pricing is wild.   


Any tips? 



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Hi Tyler713,

This certainly sounds like a major glitch or possibly you were hacked. 
Change your password ASAP. If continues I would call technical support. 
Take screen shots of what is happening for a visual back up when dealing with IT. 

The best of luck!


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Hey there @Tyler713 👋


Have you reached out to Airbnb Support to see if they can help as @Bettye6 suggested? 



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