Messy, awful dirty tenants

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Messy, awful dirty tenants

My daughter-in-law went over to my rental house and the place was an absolute mess. They have the place completely full of all their belongings in my tiny house. 

They also said they had a service dog but the dog didn't seem trained at all. He was on my brand new couch & it was covered in dog hair.

I'm very allergic & have asthma. I asked the my put a sheet on there if the dog was on my furniture. 

I already had to tell them to clean up the patio they had a mess out there with garbage included and my brand new furniture out there.

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Anything you don't see that you don't like going on at your house you need to address it immediately! And also it's good to document it and even message customer service because if something bigger happens you want to make sure that you've covered all your bases. I had a couple check-in and they were supposed to be here for a month.  I wasn't home when they checked in, but when I came home that night it smelled like someone was smoking pills in my house so already I was irritated but they were asleep obviously.  So after I clean the kitchen to pristine levels of cleanliness I had to go to work I came back from work the kitchen's a disaster they've left like fish fillets just out on the counter pot of canned vegetables just all sorts of grossness, And I notified them that they need to come clean this up immediately.  And I went to bed cuz I was so tired the next day same thing kitchen a disaster, gross food on the stove and on the counter in pots and pans and dirty dishes everywhere again. So I let them know they need to come clean it and it needs to be clean to the level it was immediately upon leaving the kitchen it needs to look like it look like when they checked in is how I put it. So now by the third day I'm not sure really what happened I can't remember but on the third day I can hear them fighting in the room like screaming at each other and throwing things and at this time I have four other rooms in my house filled with children here too, And I'm just not down with any of that messy behavior,   So I went and knocked on their door because they're not going to just domestic violence in the house, and They didn't respond of course which is ridiculous cuz obviously everyone hears you fighting, So just go back to the kitchen and I'm going to start cleaning because I would like to use my own kitchen as well and I know the girl was trying to come out of the room but the guy I don't know if he threw her to the door or if he kicked it shut as she was trying to open it but it was so loud and at that point I was over it! I made them leave immediately but the worst part wasn't the fighting in the domestic violencing it wasn't even the smoking fentanyl the first day they were here and I knew they were the worst part was after they left j in those 3 days, everything in the room and I'm not exaggerating decorations off the walls broken mirrors that were on the wall broken filth everywhere I've never seen dirt like this in anyone's house I had to throw away all the blankets the comforters duvet the pillows the towels all the linens they had blood all over them they were disgusting.  100% of everything in that room had to be thrown away I wasn't even going to try to clean it the only thing that stayed was the bed frame and the mattress because it had a zip up cover protective cover on it.  So definitely if you see something you do not like speak up!  Because truthfully people that don't have nothing theirselves or don't know how to take care of nothing certainly won't be taking care of your things either..  

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