My airb&b listing

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Langebaan, South Africa

My airb&b listing

Good day


I have had almost no hits on my air b&b listing. Can someone please help me to see if we checked all the boxes to apply. 

We have a-lot of hits on other platforms, but none on air b&b, and I don’t understand why. 

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Thank you in advance. 

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San Antonio, TX

Hi @Hanneke19  


Your listing is too dark. Try using some bright light bulbs, choosing light colors for bed coverings and hiring a professional photographer. 

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Westerly, RI

@Hanneke19 Your place is beautiful, but it is not highlighting all its assets.  Definitely get professional pictures, brighten up, open shades let the light shine in.  Take advantage of the view to the pool, put some umbrella drinks ,beach towels, pool toys, etc make it inviting.

Hello @Hanneke19 

Your listing is wonderful, especially that pool! I think with a few changes, you can enhance what you’re offering and increase bookings.

First, find a skilled STR photographer to take professional photos. Some of your photos are taken close up, which doesn’t accurately show the size of the room. The first photo of the living room looks like it opens out into a patio. These features need to be highlighted. In addition, opening the curtains in each room will highlight the views from inside, which also makes your place feel more spacious.  

A good photographer can stage each room to make it more inviting. They will also photograph during different times of the day to make the most of natural light. 

Once you have new photos, choose one that really sets your listing apart. I suggest an outdoor photo, similar to your photo number 11, but one that  centers the pool.

Then work on your listing title. I would add “pool” to the title since that will set your listing apart. 


The other thing you can check is your pricing. Is it comparable to similar  listings? If not, adjust it accordingly. 

Lastly, have you identified your demographic? Do you know who is booking similar listings? Sometimes it helps to talk with friends who have short term rentals and ask their help.


Good luck to you!


Mary Ann



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Hi there @Hanneke19 , I highly recommend organizing the throws on the chairs to make them look more inviting. Additionally, please consider arranging the cover on the bed similar to what you find in hotels. Finally, try opening all the windows to allow more light in when taking pictures. 

@Hanneke19 Your place it´s beautiful, I dont´have comments on decorating stuff and maybe was my browser but i see your list its in south africa and i see prices in Canadian USD, this maybe cause some guest get confused.

Thanks for letting me know. I will change it. @Magdalena374 

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Beverly Hills, CA

Hi there @Hanneke19 ,
better photos will only go so far. the real problem is that all the things you've chosen for decor are heavy and dark, and/or nothing really matches or compliments each other, or the space itself.

Your listing gives the impression that you just took items that you weren't using or didn't like, and stuck one next to a couch, and another in a corner. there was very little if any, forethought as to how a person would feel if they were to stay in that environment. if you really want people to like your space, you yourself have to think about every corner, every counter, every couch, every window, every "thing" and see if you are willing to put in time and money (emotionally and economically) to transform your space into a beautiful place that is inviting, clean, bright, and compatible with itself and your future guests. ask yourself, "would i enjoy myself here? do i feel welcomed?" this takes time and money and effort ... but trust me, if anything, it will pay off in the long run. i learned this the hard way. you don't have to! and good luck!

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Wendover, United Kingdom

Hi @Hanneke19. Your place looks amazing. How you added a guidebook?

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Vero Beach, FL

Hi Hanneeke,


Your listing has the potential to become an outstanding place to stay.

I would recommend to change the listing name to something that standout about your property .  For example, my property name is Tropical Oasis because it’s located in the Caribbean and the property has lots of tropical plants. Also, the description of the place under the name is very important,  You may put something like “Cozy studio with a stunning view and a private pool”.

You may want to invest a little bit in the decoration, specifically the colors of the bedding, thrown blankets, thrown pillows and bathroom rugs. I would change those to bright colors, since most of the furniture and flooring are dark. If you are worried about using white colors , you could make a combination between light beige/cream and light grey. No need to put thrown blankets on the chairs, I would only put one in the couch and one half folded on the bed. The idea is to bring up some brightness to your place.


Do you offer any amenities? Provide at least bath towels, hand towels and wash towels for two guests. Coffee and creamer, toilet paper, paper towels. I even go the extra mile and provide Q-tips and cotton balls. Do you have soap (shower gel), shampoo and conditioner dispenser in the shower? That’s a great amenity and won’t cost you too much. Also make sure the kitchen is fully stocked with the necessary utensils, pots and pans, silverware, etc. If you have the space  available use a small area has the coffee station.


Make your outdoor space inviting, add a couple of lounge chairs and a small table with two chairs for people to enjoy their coffee or a meal outside. 

Take pictures of every single area in the studio. You may also add pictures of the near attractions, restaurants, etc. I’ve never use a professional photographer but I made sure my photos are clear, inviting, and show every space of my property even different angles. 

The listing price has to be competitive to the other listings around your area. Since you are new and have only one review, you may need to lower your price even more than the other listings around your area at least until you begin getting bookings and more reviews.

The reviews are one if not the most important thing about a listing. To keep good reviews make sure your place is always spotless. Send a thank you message to every booking. Create a guidebook and share with your guests. Send a welcome message with check in instructions the day of check in. Check on your guests the day after check in to see how are they doing and let them know you are available at anytime, in case they need anything. If there are any events or activities in the area during their stay, share those with your guests . The night before check out provided check out instructions, if any. Thanks the guests again for choosing your place and let them know that you hope they had a great time and hope to have them visiting again in the future. I always offer 10% discount to return guests.


Marketing is also important for the Airbnb algorithm. Create a page of your property in Social Media (FB, Instagram, etc.) and ad posts, perhaps once a week, with the link to your Airbnb listing. Ask your family and friends to share the posts with others. You may also join Airbnb listings groups in Social Media at least in your town, city, etc. Use those groups to share your posts about your listings.


I hope you find some of these  tips useful and your bookings increase!


Best luck!!



@Magalis-Zamantha0 thank you for your feedback. I will most definitely look into it. The linen was bought specifically for the studio, and at exceptional quality. I got the Egyptian cotton with matching towels.

I can see how it can be a bit dark, so will try to bring in a few lighter items. The furniture was bought to make it rustic / modern. Maybe I am not looking through the right  lens.


I will post new pictures and would love feedback again.    

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Bath, ME

Hi Hanneke,

Looking at your listing, it appears very unique. Your price seems more than fair, but with one bed, you limit yourself to couples willing to share a double bed. Can you make that at least a queen? If I was booking a get away with my husband in your beautiful area, I’d be wanting something a bit more cozy. The couch, lounge chairs by the pool, etc. Is the pool private, or shared? This is an apartment, so we assume not complete privacy. The price reflects that, but I would definitely take into account the suggestions of others here. I agree with the decor being mismatched. Green rugs, gold, red… you have it all! I think with a bit more tweaking, you’ll get some hits. And you already have one great review! Pictures, reviews, amenities, convenience, communication = bookings 


Good luck!