My listing

My listing

Struggling to get clients and I am new to hosting. 

Any criticism on my listing will be appreciated.


🌟 Listing link:


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Jacksonville Beach, FL

Looks cool!  Nice private space with amenities and close to everything. I don't know much about your town or demand near there. Once suggestion would be to invest in professional photography. One booking could pay for it!  

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Winston-Salem, NC

@Nancy2187 I think you could take better pictures, That would help with first impressions.

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Philadelphia, PA

Hi @Nancy2187 


I would try for a non blurry hero picture. Welcome to the airbnb game.


I would also suggest hiring a professional photographer as photos sell the most. 


Thank you 


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Sittingbourne, United Kingdom

Hi @Nancy2187 


The apartment looks great! Just a few tips: consider getting better pictures and increasing the number of photos to around 20. Additionally, since your apartment is a 1 bedroom, it could accommodate 3-4 guest as I can see, it’s not a studio flat, so that should comfortably take 3-4guest. You might want to consider getting a sofa bed for the third and fourth guests. Lastly, adding some decorations to complement what you already have could attract more customers. All the best.

Best regards,


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Houston, TX

Hi @Nancy2187  I am also fairly new to hosting with just a month. I can honestly tell you there are a lot of things you can do in order to attract potential guests.


Number one .

     Check your prices, if they are not booking is probably because you are not being competitive. Cause trust me even if your listing is not the "latest staying attraction " some folks will still book with you if you  were the cheapest in order to save money.  



Number two Pictures, Sell your product, 

     The main picture seems like it was taken from inside a vehicle. This is the first thing people see about your listing, it gives a sense of not being 100% transparent somehow.

Get rid of distracting things  that will make the space look  messy, like the towels on the counter, excessive amount of towels oil the bathroom.


I will also add color make it feel alive and not so plain, perhaps a theme? I see you're close to the shore and have maritime  related wall art.  Make it stand out more by adding  maybe a blue vase or paint the edges to showcase the room and make it more appealing. 



I pay a lot of attention to detail. make the space inviting add colors, patters, try to get rid of hanging towels on the counter add curtain colors make them look straight man them look  neat.   One thing I always keep in mind is price and competition. If you are fairly new, you have to  lower the prices to attract potential guests and to build your  reputation as a the new host in the block.  Great pictures are very important, the angle and what you're trying to project . Adding room description helps guests get a better understanding and  avoids repetitive questions.




@Nancy2187 Your place is nice. It just needs  few tweaks.


Have professional photos taken. Post more photos with a description.  Your main photo should showcase the best angle of your largest interior space.


Use white towels only. Fold them neatly. 


Price your place competitively as a new host.


Add more amenities. Think of the amenities as a one time investment that will pay off.

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Notteroy, Norway

I think this was interesting. It’s the first time I comment in this community. :-).


i think this is an interesting object. I like the pictured. It’s honest.

iI don’t know the area. Maybe you can tell what to do in Nova Scotia? Is it fantastic nature? Or is it nice sea view/ experiences?


Good luck!



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Goa, India

Hey Nancy, checked out your listing. We recommend taking pictures in a way that each space can be seen in entirety and not just a small part of a living or bedroom.


Also please do a bit more research on pricing by comparing your place to other listings that are doing well in your area. If you price a bit lower initially, you are more likely to show up higher on search rankings compared to other listings based on overall value for guests, this is our personal observation and has worked for us in getting more bookings.


Another personal recommendation, is to add more colour, art and tiny decor elements to make the place pop and stand out more on Airbnb.


All the best.




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Ridgecrest, CA

It looks like you have a lot of great suggestions. I agree with all the things everyone else has said especially with the photos and having your cover photo look excellent, sharp and not taken through a piece of glass, maybe this was through a car window?

I love the owl artwork in the bathroom. I'd suggest folding the towels neatly or rolling them on the metal rack.

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Shizuoka, Japan

Hi, @Nancy2187. Your house looks great! So I'd like to see more photo about your rooms. For example, numbers of dishes, bowls, pot etc because I like to cook at home for my children.

and I'd like to see more photos of place for sightseeing near your listing.


Best wishes♥Mizuki from Japan

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Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Nancy2187, welcome to our community 😊


We have received some great ideas from our Hosts on how to improve your listing. Have you had the chance to read through them? Are you planning to implement any changes in the short term?


Please keep us posted.



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London, United Kingdom

Hello Nancy,

Lovely cozy place! I would recommend taking slightly better photos and adding a small mirror in the bedroom instead of this painting to enhance the look of your property. If you're not getting enough bookings, I would suggest slightly lowering the prices. It's better to not have bookings than to have none at all.

Best of luck 

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Tecumseh, Canada

Lots of great suggestions to help you out from everyone.


You have used "Fancy" in your listing's title, yet, as others have indicated, it is missing colours and decorations, both inside and out.  Without crowding the place, a dash of colour and few items would brighten up the place.  In other words, where is the "fancy"?


Setting your base night rate has to be done from two perspectives which are equally important.


First, you want to pay the bills. Making more is also welcomed by all hosts. 😉


Second you have to be perceived as a competitive alternative in your area. It doesn't mean having the lowest price. 



You should budget as if you will be 1/2 full for the season you operate.  This is paying the bills and however more will make you feel good being a host.  You may actually be booked more than 50 % of your season.  That's extra revenu and mostly profit, unless you want to cover some major renovation work ...


That will give you the nightly rate you are financially comfortable with.  The rate which will keep you happy.



Check the rate of your "comparable" competition AND of all alternatives within your region.  Ideally, you want to fit in, neither too low nor too high.


However, since itxs unlikely you have exsct matches,  you want to account for the perceived value adds. What is unique and worth more to a guest with your listing?  Is it the scenery?  Decor?   Why would someone want your place ove the competition?  It could be you, the host, being near,  yet out of the way.


In fact, what can you (afford to) do which would enhance the perceived value?


This is where others suggest painting, a few bit of contrasting and themed decor, better photos, folded towels, etc.  The little things can make a big difference without breaking the bank.  The first impression are your photos.  Make certain they represent what the guests will see, especially indoors.


in comparing your listing, you should be able to figure your "competitive" night rate.  The average of your true competitor, be honest with yourself.


Now compare the two rates - comfort vs  competitive.  the competitive rate should be the highest of the two.  If it isn't the case, you have to somehow make your listing more competitive.


Set your initial nightly rate between the two.  Then adjust as you get the bookings.


If you are booked much more than 50% of your available nights, start increasing your base night rate.  It must be done slowly, like 5% steps spread over time.  Stop and back 1 step when you notice a downward trend in your bookings. 


Note: Smart pricing will try to adjust for seasons, special events known by the system And a few other factors.  You, the host, have to adjust for the things the system doesn't know ...


There is such a thing as having too low a nightly rate.  It's either a sign of bare minimum accommodation, a host who won't be there when an issue arises, ...  Do not be the lowest "comparable" nor the highest ... without a real good reason.


Remember to put yourself in the shoes of the potential guests.  You might like big bright polkadots.  I doubt most guests would feel the same...  Then again, done right, it might work to fill your calendar.