Need Superhost for 2 remodeled Homes - Downton San Jose, CA

Need Superhost for 2 remodeled Homes - Downton San Jose, CA


I have 2 newly remodeled homes in Downtown San Jose. I was wondering if someone is interested in managing AirBnb out of the homes, the % split is all negotiable. The homes are complete and are ready at anytime. They are next door to each other.

One home is 3/2 about 1300 sqft.
The other is 2/2 with about 1100 sqft.
The homes are not currently furnished.
The homes currently have appliances, except washer/dryer.

Here are some pictures:



Thank you,


Julian ***

**[Sensitive information removed in line with the Community Center Guidelines]

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San Jose, CA

Hey, how are you doing? I am looking to put my place up for Airbnb as well and I came across your post which is very interesting to me so you need someone to help manage these two units? I’m thinking maintain it make sure is nice and clean for the next guest etc.   this is very interesting to me. I never thought this was a thing so if want to show me the ropes. I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.  

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Irvine, CA

HI @Julian1571 


Message me if you would like. I currently have properties in Central Valley, but I live part time in San Jose. I might be able to assist you depending on what you are looking for.



@Jennifer1897  I am very interested, would you like to discuss to see if this would be a fit for you?

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Irvine, CA

Hi @Julian1571  just sent you an email

Hi @Jennifer1897  Just responded looking forward to discussing with you!

Hi Jennifer,


I would love to reach out to you to discuss further. What is your email? Or you can email me direct: **[E-mail address removed due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]


Thank you,


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