Needed help in Guatemala

Needed help in Guatemala

Hello I recently and here did a property that I would like to use as an Airbnb in Guatemala, is there a way to reach out to someone locally that wouldn't mind helping me host? @all


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Hi @Ariana27 , this is Ana Monterroso do you still in need for help? If I understand correctly you were needing help for Guatemala property correct? I have a home in Guatemala, do you need to talk to someone yet? I just got to see this. Email me **


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Hola @Ana33053 ! Nosotros estuvimos en Guatemala hace tiempo. Queremos saber cómo podemos hacer un Airbnb en Antigua Guatemala. 



English translation: Hi Ana, we were in Guatemala some time ago. We want to know how we can do an Airbnb in Antigua Guatemala.


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Hola @Joshua-and-Jackie0 ‌👋


It's great to see you posting in our Community Center! I just wanted to share that we have communities in seven different languages. I thought of sharing with you the link to the >>Spanish Community Center<< where many Hosts from Central America could share their opinions on your question.


I am also a community manager in the Spanish Community, and I would love to see you there 🤗


I'm happy to help if you have any questions about navigating our community.



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Hello @Ariana27 ,


Perhaps you can take a look at Local Host Clubs near you to connect with region-specific hosts who would be able to help you. As Community Center is a global space, It might be a bit difficult to connect with local hosts here.



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