New Host and Listing - Feedback

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New Host and Listing - Feedback

We've recently listed our first property on Airbnb. We have yet to take photos utilizing the great natural light we have. Outside of the dark photos, do you have any other insights or thoughts on how we can craft the most appealing listing? Thanks so much!






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There is a lot of resources on the Airbnb site that teach you how to craft a good listing. For me I do it a little differently. I like to have some kind of a hook (usually the best feature of the listing) and put that in the listing description. 

I have an AI in Poe, all you do is list all your features you want to showcase in your listing and it will put it into the different section of Airbnb listing for you. But I don't like the way it writes so I usually just put things in my own words using AI for inspiration. 


Try the resources first they r a goldmine.

Good luck on this amazing adventure.


Agree with @Philip3527 …pick your best feature or features and craft your story/photos around the “hook”


 If your story is “mid-century”; then lean into it, everything should be  “mid-century”…not just the age of the house /or the living room furniture.  


Photos: make a shot list, and stick to it


Feature only the best versions of the pix: 


1-2 killer overview pix and 1-2 detail shots per room, all else goes into additional photos….ie. Your extensive game collection…


No …price tags, nail hooks, cord wires, etc.. 


Great  benefit to have fresh eyes.. partner/trusted friend… double checking the pix on all devices:   phone, iPad, desktop…and then tweak





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Hi @Ryan3578 ! Welcome to the Community Center!

Hope you find the golden advice from our helpful Hosts @Alex1485 @Philip3527 useful. Please keep us posted what would be the main focus points for you when thinking to craft an appealing listing.

As Philip suggested, Airbnb's Resource Centre is also a good place to look for brief articles to best manage your listing. Did you get a chance to explore the site?

There's also a great piece of advice shared by an experienced member @John7474. Sharing the link here : [Guide] Tips To Improve Your Listing , if you wanted to have read through the amazing guide shared by John!🌻



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