[Guide] Tips To Improve Your Listing

[Guide] Tips To Improve Your Listing

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Ever wonder how your Airbnb listing is perceived by potential guest? 💡


Maybe you’ve said to yourself, “We have such a great place, but why aren’t we booked or “I’ve just become an Airbnb host, how does my listing look?”


If your Airbnb “Listing Title”, “Listing Description” and your “The Space” section is vague, clunky, confusing, or not well thought-out… potential guests take notice, and it might be one of the reasons why you aren’t getting or won’t get the bookings you want.


Perception is reality!


Here are few suggestions to help you write and improve your Airbnb listing to make lasting impressions.


💡Reframe what you Airbnb listing is all about


With your Airbnb listing, instead of just providing basic details of your property, use it as an opportunity to tell a story about your property.


Think of your property listing as a well laid out story-book.


Like a book, your Airbnb listing has a title (Listing Title), an introduction (Listing Description), beginning, middle and end, (The Space).


💡Take the time to make it look professional


Have you ever looked at a beautiful hotel website, and just fell in love with the place? Yes, it took a Marketing Team months and a lot of money to make it so special. 


But you want those who read your Airbnb listing to have the same reaction, and they can!


The key is, your listing needs to look and feel professional, it’s your business card for your property. You want to put your best foot forward, and it may take a few tries to get it just right.


💡When writing your listing - use a separate document


Writing your listing is a process. When writing your “Listing Title”, “Listing Description” and “My Space” sections, it’s sometimes easier to write drafts in a separate document, and not directly into the Airbnb platform. 


Doing so allows you to take the time to edit, proof, then re-edit and re-proof. Yes, it takes time and a few tries to get it right. 


When you feel you have it right, then have someone read them to make sure they flow. Check spelling, grammar, punctuation.  And when you have it just right, copy and paste your final draft into your Airbnb listing.


Remember, with your property you are the boss. And you can update, re-word, re-work things with your listing as you seem fit along the way.


💡Formatting is important!


No one likes to read a “Listing Description” or “The Space” section that is all jammed into one big long rambling paragraph.  Who can possibly remember all of the details? And it gives a sloppy first impression of your property.


By breaking things into paragraphs, it makes your description more professional, and all of the useful information a lot more digestible.


💡Your “Listing Title”: (limited to 50 characters)


Your “Listing Title” is like the title to a good book. You want it to be truthful, yet say something that will definitely catch people’s attention.

In a few words… highlight the best qualities of your property:


“Ocean front condo with sweeping views”

“Cozy Mountain top cabin with hot tub”

“Family home with pool – 10 minutes from Disney World”

“Lakefront Houseboat surrounded by beautiful Fall foliage”


💡Your “Listing Description” – “About This Space”: (limited to 500 characters)


This is where you have just a few sentences to introduce a potential guest to your property. You want to really focus on the heart of what makes your place so special. Concisely tell the reader about your property and a bit about the area. It’s the first page of your story!


For example:


"Casa Ancestral" a well-appointed - 2 Bedroom - 2 Bathroom spacious home with private gardens in the heart of Oaxaca. 


Nestled on a quiet street in the residential neighborhood of the La Noria, a 15-minute walk from Oaxaca's historic center.


It's where strolling marimbas and church bells still mark the passing of each day.  Nearby bakeries fill the air with the smell of fresh bread and chocolate for Mole!


“Casa Ancestral” a place to rest, recharge and plan your next adventure!


💡“The Space” section (unlimited characters):


When writing the “The Space” section of your listing, you have unlimited characters.  Not to say you should ramble on, but your “The Space” section is your chance to tell the story of your property. Use this section to tell the reader all the details of your property while describing it at the same time.


💡Start with a question?


Consider posing a question at the start of the “The Space” section to set the stage before going into details. It’s almost like an appetizer to a wonderful meal. Use adjectives and language that truthy describes your property.


For example:


“Are you planning a trip to Disney, but don’t want to pay hotel prices? Our charming 4-bedroom family home with a private pool is just 15 minutes from Disney’s main entrance!  It’s a perfect place for your family to unwind after a day of adventure, at a fraction of the cost!”


💡Draw in potential guests by describing your home – room by room:


In the “The Space” section draw the reader into your listing, by providing room by room explanation of your property. Use the writing concept of “See – Say”. If a reader sees something in your photos, tell us about it!  Describe the rooms and the great things they offer!


For example:


Primary Bedroom

Posturepedic king size bed with a comfortable comforter. Sliding glass doors open to an outdoor terrace, with a cozy table and chairs, a perfect spot for morning coffee. Walk in closet, with hotel style security safe.  Ensuite bathroom with plush towels – vanity with two sinks.  Walk in shower.


Living Room

Cozy living room with two couches and comfortable chairs.  Wood burning fireplace. Picture window overlooking the valley. “42-inch HD TV with internet access for streaming. The place to gather after a day of skiing”.


Using Lists

Using lists in your “The Space” section is a great way to quickly give information to your location, recap your listing description or emphasize house rules.


For example:



👉8.7 mi - Walt Disney World

👉17.0 mi - Magic Kingdom

👉 28.7 mi - Orlando International Airport

- 4 Bedrooms with 4 full ensuite Bathrooms
- High-Speed Fiber Optic WIFI (250 Mbps download)

- Washer & Dryer in-unit
- Outdoor space with pool, and entertaining space


- No Smoking
- No loud noise after 10pm, as we take into consideration our neighbours
- There’s a $100 one-time, and non-refundable pet fee


💡What are other Hosts doing?


When writing your Airbnb listing, make a point to read other Airbnb hosts’ listings.  Those listings could be in your community or on the other side of the globe. It will give you ideas of what might work for your own listing.


💡Ask for feedback


Once you have your listing in tip top shape, ask the Airbnb Community for feedback. Other hosts are always willing to give you honest, straightforward, constructive feedback to better improve your listing!


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