No bookings in over three months!

No bookings in over three months!

I’m wondering if any of you experienced this before. I am a super host and have been with Airbnb for over 10 years. I have had over 750 bookings during that entire time. Normally by this time of the year I’ve had about 20 reservations, but this year Well actually since December 5 of last year, I don’t have any reservations. I have called Airbnb and they have examined the tech and said my listing is up and running and everything on their end is fine. Have you ever gone through a period like this?  The thing about my listing is I make it clear that it’s only for single travelers because I have a two bedroom condo and only one bathroom. Normally my visitors have been folks who are here for business and I’m thinking that might be the reason. Any words of advice or suggestions? Greatly appreciated. Thank you. George 

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Hi @George2046 


Experiencing a sudden drop in bookings, especially after a consistent track record as a superhost, can be perplexing and concerning. Here are several steps to consider that might help revitalize your listing and attract new reservations:


1. Refresh your listing with new, high-quality photos and an updated description to highlight unique amenities or any recent upgrades. Ensure your listing clearly communicates the value and experience you offer to single travelers. You may also compare your pricing with similar listings in your area. Adjusting your rates competitively, even temporarily, can increase attractiveness to potential guests.


2. Given your observation that your guests are typically business travelers, it's possible changes in travel patterns, especially post-pandemic, are affecting bookings. Consider broadening your target market to include leisure travelers seeking accommodations in your area.


3. Amenities for Business Travelers: If you continue to focus on business travelers, consider adding amenities that cater specifically to their needs, such as a dedicated workspace, high-speed internet, or flexible check-in/check-out times.
Promotions and Discounts: Offer special promotions or discounts for longer stays to attract guests looking for extended accommodations.


4. Promote your listing on social media platforms or local tourism websites to reach a wider audience beyond Airbnb.


5. Reach out to previous guests for feedback on what could improve or what factors influenced their choice to stay at your listing. This can provide valuable insights into adapting your offering.


6. Consider leveraging tools like Lodge Compliance’s Guest Registration to streamline the check-in process for your guests, enhancing their overall experience. Although targeted towards regulatory compliance, showing potential guests your commitment to professionalism and security can be a unique selling point.


7. Engage with the Airbnb host community forums to share your experience and seek advice from fellow hosts who might have faced similar challenges.


8. Stay informed about local events or conferences that might bring business travelers to your area and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.- Partner with local businesses to offer your guests special deals or experiences during their stay.


Periods of low bookings can be an opportunity to reassess and innovate your hosting strategy. By implementing these suggestions, you can increase your listing’s appeal and hopefully see an uptick in reservations soon. Good luck, George!

@George2046 Thank you so much for these well thought out suggestions. I did update photographs and I did find out from Airbnb that in terms of comp listings in my neighborhood. I am definitely on the lower end as it is. I guess I am of the mind that if it worked in the past, it should be working now, but I’m just so afraid it’s a technical glitch on Airbnb‘s part. There’s no way to actually talk to a person in the tech division of Airbnb to see if this is possible. I have had friends search for me on the Airbnb website and they have found me, so maybe I’m wrong about this. I was just curious if anyone else experience such a drop off . Again, thank you for your suggestions 

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Hi George


The competition for "Guest Favorites" in San Francisco is incredibly intense. Airbnb mentions that there are over 1000, and there are probably far more. When conducting an open search for "San Francisco" and "Guest Favorites," you do not appear among the first 300, which are the ones Airbnb chooses to display currently. Therefore, the advice in the other thread is very relevant.


However, I must note that you also do not appear when I zoom in completely on your neighborhood. - Is this the correct positioning? 


Best regards, Karen



Wow @Karen4131 . Thank you so much for this. I need to contact Airbnb immediately because I am listed as a fan favorite here. But whether or not I’m in the top 300 I don’t know. This is something that makes sense though. Thank you so much. I have something to pursue