One booking so far!

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Great Horwood, United Kingdom

One booking so far!

Hi all


id like to introduce myself.  I’m Karalyn and although just started up. After a few years away, I am happy to be on Airbnb again.  

I am hoping I’m not being impatient as only been hosting for a week or so.  First weekend we got a booking for one night and received a 5 star grade.  Thoroughly enjoyed it but then quiet.


i feel I’m doing everything right but worry as we live in a village, albeit 15 from Milton Keynes and Buckingham.


Reading a lot of the Community comments, feel very much the poor relation.  My house is a modest semi but beautiful large garden and all friends say the interior is very attractive.


i was considering putting a garden house or pod down the bottom which is private but now wonder if I’d actually benefit from this .  

Previously I was also with and Trip Advisor etc but it made the calendar situation complicated so would prefer to keep things simple.  

Thank you for reading my comment.  



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Hi @Karalyn-Leslie0 


Starting as an Airbnb host can definitely be a mix of excitement and uncertainty, especially in the early stages.


It's great to hear that your first booking went well with a 5-star rating. That's a promising start!


Hosting in a village near Milton Keynes and Buckingham can actually be an attractive option for guests looking for a quieter, more scenic experience away from city centers.


It can take a little time for new listings to gain momentum. Guests are often encouraged by reviews, so the more positive experiences and reviews you accumulate, the more appealing your property will become.


You may also want to optimize your listing. Make sure your listing highlights the unique aspects of your home and its location. Include attractive photos of both the interior and your beautiful garden. Mention the proximity to local attractions or the peace and tranquility your village offers. Show more photos of the things that the guest can use such as the cookware and/or where the listing is accessible (could be a tourist spot or nearby restaurants you can recommend)


Seasonal and Event-Based Marketing: Consider local events or attractions in Milton Keynes and Buckingham. Tailoring your listing or offering special promotions during these times can attract more guests.


As for adding a garden house or pod, before investing in a garden house or pod, consider the potential demand. Check if there is interest in such accommodations in your area. Such structures often appeal to guests looking for unique and private experiences.


Evaluate the cost of setting up the pod and the potential return. It might be a good idea to start planning but delay the actual investment until you see consistent bookings and feedback that justify the expansion.


A garden pod can not only increase your hosting capacity but also add a unique selling point to your listing. If your main house is booked, the pod could still attract couples or solo travelers.

In essence, it's important to monitor your initial progress and guest feedback, continuously optimize your listing, and only expand when you feel confident about the demand. 


Hosting can be very rewarding with a bit of patience and strategic planning.


I hope this helps!


All the best,

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I rent out private  rooms some suggestions:

Bedroom door lock of some type. Just like you don't know them they don't know you.   I  love electronic  keys are a pain in the  buttt haha  but  I  just got on Amazon. or you  can set up with Airbnb's  app

Just a question     but   the  bed looks   more like queen  size   than full size.

If you want to encourage  longer stays  tv access, people don't want to  stare at walls.   I find everyone usually has their own  app  so I  just provide a smart TV and good Wi-Fi, nobody has a problem.

Longer stays they want pictures  of the kitchen   they can use,  coffee,  refrigerator, microwave

Also a longer stay means a load of laundry if  your rural location doesn't  have a laundromat and you don't allow use that is going to  limit  who is  interested.

Fill out all the pages for your listing.  Sounds silly  but one of my  repeat customers initially picked me  because I  listed  Costco  cotton sheets lol.

A lot  of us use the free tool   ChatGPT.  It is good to disclose your property  limitations but you put it in  the tool  and ask   for  ad copy and  it says  the same thing but  in  a positive  light.  That is who you want  to  attract is the people  who  appreciate like you do