One of my two listings won't get rented.

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One of my two listings won't get rented.

Hello everyone, I have two listings different apartments but same building. one of the apartments have yet to got booked. I have tried changing prices by playing with he prices by weeks or days. I changed the name also the pictures but I don't got any luck. PLEASE HELP?


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Hi @Jeniffer38 ,


It's challenging when a listing doesn't perform as expected. Here are some actionable steps to consider:


I'll say analyze competitors, look at similar listings in your area. Note what they offer and how they present their space. Ensure your listing stands out in value and presentation.


Also highlight unique features by emphasizing what makes your apartment special. Is there a stunning view, unique decor, or a cozy nook? Make sure these features are prominent in your photos and description.


You may ask guests in the other apartment for feedback. Incorporate any insights into improving and marketing the unbooked listing.


Try to optimize your description by ensuring your listing description is clear, inviting, and highlights the benefits of staying in your apartment. Use keywords that potential guests might search for.


Consider offering a limited-time discount or a special deal for first-time guests to attract bookings.

Also engage on Social Media by sharing your listing on social media platforms. A personal touch or story about the apartment might catch a potential guest's interest.


Check your availability settings to ensure your calendar accurately reflects your availability and that you're not unintentionally blocking potential bookings.


Small tweaks can sometimes lead to significant improvements. Keep experimenting and engaging with your potential guests. Good luck!


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Hi there @Jeniffer38👋


How are you getting on? Did you make any changes to your listing? 


Looking forward to hearing from you, 

Rebecca 🌟



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Hi @Jeniffer38 

If I had to guess, I would say it's the cover photo you are using for the one that is not being rented (first listing). The cover photo for the second listing (one that is getting rented) is much better. Nothing wrong with using the same cover photo for now, but try and get another similar photo (at night, pool, lights on) at a slightly different angle and use that as your cover photo for the unit that is not being rented. Just make it clear in Title and Description that these are 2 different apts.