Routers and Door Locks "Airbnb Connectivity"

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Routers and Door Locks "Airbnb Connectivity"

Airbnb could partner with an internet router company and a door lock company to create "Airbnb Connectivity."

Confirm Speeds: Having the host run an airbnb router that confirms the internet speed at the host location. There's nothing worse than booking a place to work remotely and you find out the host overpromised the internet speed. Airbnb can even act as a broker for hosts to get them better, cheaper internet in their area and it is paid directly by their bookings.

Automate passwords: Airbnb can automate the wifi password sharing in the check in email or assign every guest with a permanent password via the airbnb app.

Roaming hotspots: Allow travelers (think primarily foreigners without cell phone data) to tap into these wifi hotspots around the city (host locations) it would create a reason for folks to use their airbnb app more often.  They'd get metered data either strictly to reserve a space, to check their trip, to message their host, etc. Airbnb could allow unmetered at certain high bandwidth hotspots or if you want to provide a luxury benefit.  I know that if Airbnb had one of these hotspots at the Ho Chi Minh City airport, I would have been extremely grateful.

Door Locks
Automate door codes: Airbnb could also work with Schlage or whoever to create an airbnb door lock.  Same principle as the internet.  Airbnb handles the door code for each guest so the owner doesn't have to change or reassign the codes every visit.  This would take a lot of frustration out of both the host and the guest.  Maybe even unlock the door via the airbnb app like schlage does.  Hosts would get an alert that the guest arrived.

Safety and security: It is also a safety issue. The host can have their door lock code tied to them so Airbnb knows if hosts are entering the unit unannounced during the stay.  This might be evidence in a hosting standards review.

What do you all think?

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Airbnb already has a wifi speed text on the app, where host can test the wifi speed which will be displayed on the listing. 

As far as a Airbnb router that would be unlikely. ATT has their own Gateway for fiber optic. That is by far the best wifi internet ISP I've ever had. Comcast and Wow speeds often dropped off and streaming buffered etc. If paying for 200 mbps it could often be 20 mbps and buffer. So no way I'm going back to that to use some clunky cable router. 

There are also several locks and door code managers that integrate with Airbnb, I've been using one for over 2 years. Its a paid service but I like it. But all of that is a huge rabbit hole, rapidly changing.  

For hot spots would likely be more practical for each city or airport to have them. Our city has free wifi is all the public parks but that requires depicted hardware. 

I think most guest would want a password and be secure network. 

The most practical use for locks with door codes is so that guest only have access during their reservation. 

You can read the TOS when host can enter a rented space. Most host are just normal people. 

You can also use the message function to ask host about their wifi, if they have tested it with the Airbnb app.