Subheading closely related to category

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Málaga, Spain

Subheading closely related to category

Hi all,


I realized that the subheading of the listing (to be seen under the location name when clicking on the map or looking at the list of properties) is key to get into the categories.


Categorized listings have the name of a lake or a national park here. Then it sais "Near XXXX" under the location fo the listing. In the attached screendump it sais "Near Laguna Dulce", which is the name of a lake. It it is on the lake category!


BUT: Where does the subheading come from? 

I cannot find it anywhere in the listings or in the 'edit' part of my listing...


Any idea where this subheading comes from?




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Toronto, Canada

Hi @Rikke-and-Michael0 ,

I was able to locate this piece of information to help you know more about how Airbnb categories work:

In the above article, you can also find information on how to check the category of your listing from your hosting account.

Is there any specific category you want your listing to be in?


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Málaga, Spain

Hi Bhumika,


Yes, in the 'Lakefront' and 'Lake' categories.


I have read everythi g there is to read about optimizing for getting into categories and have optimized the listings of my lakefront finca - but after a year of waiting it is still not in neither of the lake categories.


Either the categorization works terribly or my listings are simply not being considered for categorization....


Have a look at 

You will see lake on almost all the pictures and the word 'lakefront' in title, description, captions and everywhere else.... What else can I do?

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