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I have lost my SuperHost status due to a disagreement with one guest - one I feel Air BnB did not handle very well.  Is it possible to have Air BnB review my overall status and reviews and consider striking the one review from my evaluation?  One review, out of over 100 led to me losing my status, and his complaints (in my opinion) were to facilitate a move to a completely different part of the island, truly had nothing to do with me or my unit - he worked the system very well.  I am not fighting the review any longer, but I have SO many great reviews (like all of them), it is easy to see this reviewer was unlike any other guests and his experience was nothing like any other guest of mine experienced.  How do I connect with Air BnB to do a "special" review of my status?  The one review will end up costing me SuperHost for a full year unless they remove it from the evaluation...

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@Rob10215 Sorry but you have no hope of getting the review removed as it does not break any of the rules. Equally many have suggested that Airbnb allow one review per year to be removed but it hasn't happened yet and probably won't in the future.

Probably best to accept you have lost Superhost status and move on. Many who have lost it have reported it doesn't make any difference to their bookings.

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What makes you think you lost your super host status because of one review? You seem to be at 4.92 right now and that qualifies for super host as the criteria is 4.8. 


Perhaps that increased recently, if so you should qualify again on June 30th. You seem to have fulfilled the other criteria of stays and response rates. If you didn't cancel any trips you should be okay next round. 





@Nur785 I am afraid you cannot tell if @Rob10215 will lose their Superhost status. The superhost criteria are over the 12 months to June 30th and it may well be that they are below 4.8 for this time period.



You are right, I cannot tell.


I was estimating this based on his 43 positive reviews between July 2022 to now and 2 negative. If all 43 were 5 and  the 2 negatives were 1, that would put him just at the border of 4.82. If he got a few more fives in that month, it would mitigate the 4s I cannot see. 


Anyway, I just wanted to point out that it would not take a year, there is a really good change he could get it back without removing the review at the end of this period. 

@Nur785 I almost stand corrected. I hadn't looked anywhere near as close as you have. But it appears Rob has already lost Superhost status as the bad reviews were in December 2022. So it may take a while to get back depending on the profile of stays vs reviews 

I'm gonna have to keep @Rob10215 's profile on bookmark now so I can check on July 1st 🙂