Tips to get my 1st traveler/s and get rolling?

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Rocklin, CA

Tips to get my 1st traveler/s and get rolling?

Hi my name is Heather Story, I'm a new host in Rocklin, CA. I've listed my company bedroom and batrhoom for rent, and I'm wondering if any of you have any tips or tricks to get my 1st traveler/s and get rolling? 


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Do a competitive price,lower then the others in your zone.

I provide a  Tv, a small microwave, small refrigerator and a small keurig with coffee pods sugar and  creamer. I also have tea pods. Fresh towels and body wash!

Give a discount at first. Don't offer or provide amenities that are not sustainable for the long term.  Keyless entry is wonderful.  Keep an eye on things to make sure they are keeping things nice.provide a listing of events and things to do in the area. I provide an adjustable bed and small tv for the bedroom a 75" tv in the living room.  Cameras around the perimeter and front door.  I also provide a refrigerator and stand alone cabinet for food.

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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Shampoo, towels, and toilet paper are always a good idea!

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Monticello, NY

@Heather1926 Get on a personal note and offer to help with anything that can make their stay the best it can be.   My first guests were celebrating wife’s birthday. I put out flowers, balloons and a happy birthday banner. Gave them names of  the best bakery I. Town and the best restaurant for dinner    They loved everything and made me happy to have hosted and helped. 

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Helena-West Helena, AR

Hi @Heather1926 

I peeked at the listing; it looks clean and tidy 🙂 Lovely home !

The guest area states, "half bath" yet it looks like a full 4 pieces: toilet, sink, tub, shower.

If that's the case, change the "half" to "full".

The listing has a washer but no dryer: can you add that there's a clothesline in the yard or there's a laundromat within a couple miles ?

Not including "essentials": what exactly does this mean ? The bed is shown with what appears to be complete bedding and pillows. There are towels and a bath mat in the bathroom photo,  but no toilet paper or soap at the sink.. not many folk travel with toilet paper and soap 🙂 You can offer "starter supplies" with one roll toilet paper, one box facial tissue, one roll paper towels (in case of a spill~), sink soap. It's not that costly. I realize many fear a guest will take supplies. Just have the back up supplies and the home owner supplies locked in a closet/pantry/basement not available to guests.

For the frig: I would state there's a dedicated area in the frig for guest use. Clear a shelf or door space area and leave a small sign (paper teepee) that says, "Welcome Guest ! Park your goodies here 🙂 " This avoids people moving each other's stuff around..

Closet: are there hangers to use ?

Best wishes~

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Tucson, AZ

@Heather1926 Log in to AirBnb as a guest instead of a host.  Pretend you are looking to travel to your specific area.  Make the timeframe 2-3 months out so most places will be available.  See what your competition is, and then price your place a bit lower, at least until you have at least a dozen "5" reviews.  Good luck!

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Professional pictures are always helpful. Highlight amenities, feature wall and other things which you may like as a guest. 

Stay calm, do not reduce prices too low. Keep it competitive price in the area / neighborhood with max 10-20% discount.


Wish you good luck! 

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Palo Alto, CA

Hi Heather,

I am delighted to see that you have so many good suggestions from other welcoming, caring hosts and hostesses within this little community.   I don't have much to add except that keep a friendly but respectable distance as we just don't really know who our guests are exactly.   All guests seem to prefer being left alone unless they need help.  Best of luck and enjoy being a hostess. Best, Anne.

Congrats! I’d recommend much the same as the others but the 2 most important things are great pictures that show people how you are different and look at your competition and make sure you provide more value (either in price or amenities). Good luck!

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Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Hi @Heather1926, in line with the 2nd B being "Breakfast" we offer some breakfast items to help guests get started - only for the first morning or two, and d.i.y.  We let guests know this beforehand and ask them what they'd like. eg what sort of cereal, bead, milk etc, egss, butter or marg? etc.  Better to provide things that suit them than ones they won't eat. That adds a bit to the cost to you, but adds a personal touch. Remember, you're after 5 stars every stay!  Especially so when starting out.

should say we have a 5 night minimum, with 7 day and monthly discounts. We find it much better to have longer stays than 1 or 2 nighters, esp re cleaning, and it reduces the proportional cost impact of breakfast materials.



@Heather1926 Contact them on the day of arrival and check they know how to find you. This sets the scene for you being helpful and approachable. 
When they arrive, ask about their journey and where they are from, if they have visited the area before. Then you can suggest areas of interest for them to make there special. 

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Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Heather1926, thank you for bringing this great topic to our community ✌️


I am delighted to see that you have received so many excellent suggestions from our expert Hosts.


Which ones resonate with you the most?


Let us know if you plan to implement any of these fantastic suggestions 😊



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Hi Heather, lovely place!

All the other suggestions are great! Especially get a feel for your competitors, and find out what differentiates you.


Being a room in a shared house, can you make it clear if there is a separate entrance? I honestly think this makes a difference. Is there a way of your family using one entrance ie back or front, and guest uses other?


Can you also make it clear whether its a separate wing, is the guest bedroom close to your bedrooms or not? Perhaps a floor plan?

How close is the guest bedroom to bathroom? Ensuite or accessible from a hallway?


If you want solo/couple travellers, they are looking for safety and security, so anything to make them feel they can trust you and know what they are walking into.


I think these things are often less about price, and more about house configuration.


The best and most successful rooms hosting I've seen in developed world countries  (and i've been doing research on this myself) is those with a separate entrance, own bathroom, sitting room/ and/or tv and a mini kitchenette facility for tea/coffee (ie duplicate a motel room). Because fundamentally thats also who you are competing against. Do i go easy option with motel, or for approximately the same $, have a wonderful more comfortable stay with Heather for better value?

Hope this helps

Kind regs