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One of my properties is a 1%  and the others are a 5% 0r 10% and I can't figure out what makes one 1% and not the others. This is new.

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@Richard531 I didn't think it was possible to maintain this level of review !!!WOW!!! in ALL 11 places!  That's really great, congratulations. Tell us a secret about how you don't receive malicious and whining guests? 😂😂😂

Your opinions are interesting. I have 5* reviews, but not on all subcategories. And a few days ago I was in the top 10% with a golden crown, and now I no longer have the golden crown, just the silver crown and this without any new comments or evaluations. Between the moment I had a gold crown and the time I am mading this comment, I had no reservations, and no new comments. But I have configured my listing to increase my minimum stay durations, I know that with this new configuration, searches for certain short durations will no longer be able to have me in their results. In my opinion, one of the criteria for this ranking is also the number of times we appear in the search results and the number of times our listing is consulted in detail.

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If this over a certain period, last twelve months for example, or since we started listing 9 years ago?  Otherwise it is almost  impossible for hosts that have been hosting for many years to  move the dial enough to ever be included.

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Thank you Paula! This is fun news! 


I have a question for clarification, please.  I have 2 properties in Mexico, one is now a Top 10% which I am really excited about.    


But I only see the designation if I am on the site.   I do not see the designation if I am on the site. 


So my question is, is this only applicable in the home country of the property?  Is it not visible to international guests searching?  


Thank you!