Verification of listing

Verification of listing

We are unable to verify our listing because we don't have a street sign. We ae not able to use the app to complete the alternative option of verification through sharing location and taking photos ... because the app we have doen't give us this option. Two other people have downloaded the most recent app- android and iphones used and still no luck.

Looking at the 'help' we have asked to be allowed to upload documentation as proof of address but no one on the support team seems able to do this. We have been going around and around in circles for 2 weeks - someone on the team looks at our profile and sends a message to say we need to complete verification. I write back to explain the situation, they say they understand, but they all just send the link of help and close the case. Another frustration is they often message at 3am or 4am and give a few hours to respond and then close the case. It is so frustrating and slowly driving me crazy- I am getting nowhere!

They offer the option of uploading documentation as proof- we ask for help with that - they disappear/pass it on to someone else ... who closes our case.


I have been in tears over this.

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This is so frustrating! I’ve been trying for weeks . We live in a country lane !

I am having the exact same problem. Have you resolved it?

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Midhurst, United Kingdom

I am also having the same problem and after 2 weeks am no further forward despite being told I could use documentation or coordinates but there is no way of uploading either of them and when I ask how I’m given no answer.

I don’t like the threatening tone of your listing will be taken down if you don’t complete this process.

I am in despair and cannot find how to escalate my grievance. Liz

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Arundel, United Kingdom

I posted on here a few weeks back as I was going around in circles with verification and support!


We're in a rural area with no street sign so here's what worked in the end if you are in a similar scenario.


I ended up recording a video of me (one of three) with the code they gave me, in front of our village sign and they accepted it! 


The sign was only my village name, as opposed to the street name, however it is in my address and that was good enough.


Good luck!

@Amanda34 If you tag @Liz6629 @Tracie86 then they will be more likely to see your rather excellent solution.

We have always struggled with our address because the road we are on has different names on different maps and the part of the house with our listings in it has a different name to our house which no one in the village would recognise. Still we've only had 1 or 2 people really struggle to find us.


Thanks @Mike-And-Jane0 See my post above @Liz6629 and @Tracie86 for getting your listing verified by sending a video of you by your village sign. Hope it helps 🙂

@Amanda34 Oh for a village sign. We aren't. really a big enough village to qualify for a sign I am afraid!