Verification of listing

Verification of listing

We are unable to verify our listing because we don't have a street sign. We ae not able to use the app to complete the alternative option of verification through sharing location and taking photos ... because the app we have doen't give us this option. Two other people have downloaded the most recent app- android and iphones used and still no luck.

Looking at the 'help' we have asked to be allowed to upload documentation as proof of address but no one on the support team seems able to do this. We have been going around and around in circles for 2 weeks - someone on the team looks at our profile and sends a message to say we need to complete verification. I write back to explain the situation, they say they understand, but they all just send the link of help and close the case. Another frustration is they often message at 3am or 4am and give a few hours to respond and then close the case. It is so frustrating and slowly driving me crazy- I am getting nowhere!

They offer the option of uploading documentation as proof- we ask for help with that - they disappear/pass it on to someone else ... who closes our case.


I have been in tears over this.

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Suffolk Coastal District, United Kingdom

Hi there @Paula2667 👋


How did you get on? Has this been resolved now and you're able to verify your listing? It would be great to hear how you got around this for future Hosts to learn from. 


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Rebecca 🌟



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This is a KNOWN unresolved issue many people apparently are experiencing in France ahed of the Olympics.  There are not always road signs in the country side and Airbnb's app appears broken for both host and guest to complete verification.  Can you please help escalate this?


Thank you.



Hi Rebecca

i have the same issue - we have no street sign. I have had so many calls & messages to Airbnb but will no solution !!

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Martock, United Kingdom

I am having a similar nightmare trying to verify listing - sending me a bit mad - with a threat to block calendar but I'm unable to get support to resolve! 😩😩 aghhh

Any joy ? This is a nightmare !!

I am having exactly the same problem. AirBandB Customer services is just not listening to its customers.

Option 1 - App does not work, will not recognise location.

Option 2 - Sending 3 pictures does not work as not everyone living in the middle of nowhere has a street sign


Customer sevices just keeps sending me to the same links for options 1&2 and wont believe there isnt a road sign nearby.


I hope you got it sorted Paula, but it  looks like my only option is to remove my listing


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Arundel, United Kingdom

I am also having this problem and it is extremely frustrating, I don't know what else to do. Think I'm on my 4th support request and no further forward! Have you resolved your listing verification yet?

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Ménerbes, France

I am experiencing the same! It is incredibly frustrating! I have tried about 20 times and had 20 different solutions which do not line up with the instructions on the interface. I have even been told to go to the mayor to request a sign for my country road which would take months.  Even worse a very kind guest (also a Superhost) also tried 10 times before she gave up and said it was broken.


How can we escalate this to find a resolution? My listing will be taken down if not done in a couple of days. It is driving me to tears as well. Does anyone have a contact number worth trying?




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England, United Kingdom

Having exactly the same situation- have been a host for 7 years and now they ask for this?’ It’s pathetic and can’t find a solution so assume my listing will not work?

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England, United Kingdom

I had the same issue and, like you, was sent round and round on what felt like a never-ending game of snakes and ladders, with customer service people telling me they would pass my case on to an expert, said expert either offering an 'alternative' verification route (no new alternatives to the routes already out there which just didn't work) or closing my case and finding myself back at the start. Today, however, after 10 days of trying and failing to get anywhere, I finally managed to get verified. It won't work for everyone but in my case (rural Somerset, UK) there is no street sign along our long country road. What there is is an old county signpost, with arms pointing to nearby villages. That's about 50m from our house and 100m from the entrance to our Airbnb property. I tried that in place of a street sign and it was accepted. I hope this helps.

Did the sign relate to your village? If so I might try that !!

Me too, I'm in tears, spent a year building this Holiday Let up to look like I may loose it because no-one at Airbnb Support seems to understand the problem let alone come up with a solution!  Again like many of you I'm rural with no Street sign.  Airbnb won't talk on the phone, it's only on messages which again are only generic answers and guesses from them, all of which I've tried: town signs, nearest street name etc.  Why can they not have a definitive answer for this obviously very common problem.  I can't even get the 'specialist' team on the phone to understand if the photo options is based on phone location, wifi signal...whatever.  And yes cases get closed when I'm asleep.  Today's phone call answer was I can't help and stop phoning because it opens a new case!!!  Been a few weeks now and still no further!

Any joy yet?

I have exactly the same problem and have been trying for two weeks too. Told the location doesn’t match even when I know the phone GPS is working and I am standing in the accommodation.  Endless loop. Talking to AI robots mostly. I too have been in tears. I have spoken to a human being several times but they then just send the same email and article with no information about how to upload a document.  I have tried through messages, also sent google maps etc, but nothing happens.  Our village is too small to have street signs and so I have tried videoing in the village next to a notice board with village name, and the church, but nothing is accepted. Driving me to distraction! Hope your problem is resolved.