What is airbnb's answer about recent camera ban policy?

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What is airbnb's answer about recent camera ban policy?

1. I am curious how airbnb is going to address hosts who run private rooms and have internal security cameras in common areas. Now it's 3 weeks away until the new policy is applied. I've tried to reach out a couple of times regarding this issue but all deleted by airbnb. Airbnb is monitoring what hosts are saying but it's frustrating that they haven't clearly answered. I read some comments that some of the hosts received and answer from airbnb that they can keep their internal camera in common spaces. However, new airbnb policy said we can't keep our internal camera. What is correct?


2. I suggest airbnb to pin controversial issues or those with a lot of 'likes' on a bulletin board or community center and let hosts know how it's going. hosts want to discuss some hot issues or ongoing issues on the community center but we don't know how it pans out or if it's solved. Discussions are buried in a couple of days and are hard to find once they disappear from top. Airbnb staff have always told us we can raise any issues every time we have a case and then it can be revised or improved but I've hardly seen any progress or changes in meaningful ways. I want to see that important issues are answered by airbnb with their official statements.

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@Seokhwan0 I suspect Airbnb considers there is no need for a response. Internal cameras are banned - End of story.

Some hosts will not like this and may leave but guests apparently are much happier to know they will not be filmed in any internal space.