What is the best Changeover day in Cornwall UK?

What is the best Changeover day in Cornwall UK?


We have listed our apartment in Cornwall and just wondered if there is a better changeover day for the listing.

We started it on Sunday to Sunday but then realised most places were Saturday to Saturday.  

Obviously traffic is so much worse on a Saturday coming in and out of Cornwall, but thought people would search mainly for the Saturday check in.


Shelley & Matt

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England, United Kingdom

@Shelley460 Most English places do Fri-Fri. This then allows them to do Fri-Mon and Mon-Fri as well without any gaps.

I always preferred (as a guest) sat-sat as it means I can travel the day after finishing work and also have a day at home before going back to work. Of course as many people don't go to work anymore perhaps this is less relevant!

Thanks Mike & Jane, appreciate your feedback 🙂 

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Toronto, Canada

Hi @Shelley460 , Welcome to the Community! 🌻


How are you moving forward with selecting an appropriate change over day for your listing? Have you followed through Mike's advice and decided to go with Sat-Sat or Fri-Fri? 


We'd love to hear what you decided to go with in the end. 😉



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