Hello, I have been doing sooo much research on how to become an Airbnb co-host. What is the best advice for a person just starting out ? With no experience ?  how do I find my first host to co-host there properties? 

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@Sasha281 If you are up for it I would find a local Airbnb Facebook group and offer my services as a cleaner (which is what most hosts need). Then gradually move into co-hosting

The Airbnb FB groups don't allow suppliers to advertise services @Mike-And-Jane0 

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The majority of hosts understandably want to work with cohosts who are hosts themselves so they understand how the various STR platforms work, how to manage difficult guests, how to optimise listings etc.


So I would say start by hosting a room in your home.


if not it's like any other business set up your own marketing channels and invest in advertising to reach hosts you've identified as your target market @Sasha281 


what did your market research show you was the best way to engage with hosts ? 

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Hello @Sasha281, welcome to our community!


Have you had the chance to read Helen and Mike's suggestions? Are you considering starting to gain some personal experience by hosting a room in your home?


I am sharing an article titled "Co-Hosts: An Introduction" to provide some additional ideas on how to become a co-host and what being a co-host entails.


I hope this helps



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