"Critique my listing"

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"Critique my listing"

Hi, we we've been on Airbnb since about July of last year and we were doing ok at the end of the year not great but we were getting a few listings per month but we've only had 2 bookings since the year started, please help us figure out what we are doing wrong.



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Hello, I want to share that I started been a host since October 2022, and I was doing great until the end of year 2023 and this year.

This year I had just 2 reservations and nothing more, I am surprised because I had a great year.

I don't know what is going on.

I checked your listing, and it is beautiful, you have great reviews and your price is excellent, so I really do not what to say.

I am in the same position as you, wondering what is going on.


This is my property in Sugar Hill, Ga.



Thank you for responding. Your home is beautiful and I love the name!!! I don't know what to think, hopefully our reservations will pick up soon. I will share your listing with my friends and family, we love that area.

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Your listing looks good but I would suggest that your first photo is taken at night. This is attractive during autumn/winter months, but in spring/summer, consider changing your photo for a brighter, lighter photo less “warm and cozy”.  

Your reviews are great, and a guest suggested it “looks better in real life”, so when you have time, reflect on other photos too!  


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@Enit257 Looks impressive! Pretty detailed description. You have an excellent rating too. Might the temporary lowering the rental rates in your area be the reason of the slow down? Have you compared your listing with similar properties in your area?

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Hello @Enit257, I hope everything is going well.


I just came across your post and saw the comments from Hosts Livia and Muslim. Have you considered taking some new photos, or have you compared your listing's price with those in your area as suggested by Muslim?


Keep us posted.



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