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review of listing

Hello all, I have listed my property on here for about a year before landing my first booking occurred this January.  However, since April, have not had another guest. I am fairly new still to hosting and would kindly appreciate and insight on my listing. Thank you all


View on AirbnbTownhouse in Brandon · ★4.80 · 2 bedrooms · 4 beds · 1.5 bathrooms

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Some suggestions  is 4 beds accurate?

Your main picture off  bedroom  2 is the wal?

You say the office and other places bedroom     two?  Consistency is  better  either an office with a sleep sofa or a bedroom with a work area available.  Depends  on   who is your biggest demand?

If your promoting the sleep  sofa has an additional  bed people want to see  the bed setup,   does it look  comfortable is the room  big enough?

I  didn't see any dressers remember people don't hang socks and underwear ha-ha.   Even some plastic drawers.

Not being rude but the bedrooms don't invite.  You don't have to  be expensive  a nice comforter.    Look on Amazon my latest find a  corner plant stand so doesn't take up a lot of room  and looks like a corner  shelf unit but cheaper so  no plants.   lol

Mirrors  if you  can hang on  the wall rather then lean in  your mirror i can see my  shoes so not  motivating  actually just looks in the way.

In the living room,  turn the tv on with the black paint   I can't see it..

Also  in your description saying full  access to like the kitchen gives the impression  shared access..    If it is a lower  apartment or townhouse   use  full access to apartment which includes a kitchen..

Target  a  market.   If not  a good child accomodation  then maybe your pictures of things to  do are to  family orientated.    If your market is two  adult coplees,,  maybe  beaches, hiking  and close  night life  activities

Once you have  identified your  market  add  Guidebooks  people actually read mine lol



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Hi @Kare4512 👋


I hope you don't mind but I've added your listing to your post to make it easier for other Hosts to check it out. I hope this helps and you get some experienced Hosts popping by soon! 🤗



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