Where is the best place in the world for airbnb?

Paris, France
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Hi Everyone,


I live in Paris and own an apartment in Berlin. I bought it because I love the city, it attracts many tourists, prices are afordable and above all, holiday rentals were legal. A new law that passed about  2 years ago banned this practice. I obtained an extention of 2 years that will end in May this year. Though I really love my apartment and would still like to continue keeping it, the charges are very high, I need the income and I don't see myself handling a rentor from another country and no longer be able to go there. So I decided I would sell and look for another city.


Any ideas about were to go? Which cities are the most airbnb friendly?


Thanks for your replies

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Re : Where is the best place in the world for airbnb?

Paris, France
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Pour le moment ,aucune grand ville historique ne l'est dans le monde occidentale (je ne connais pas les lois orientales et asiatiques).

Elles se battent pour que les locaux puissent louer des biens a des prix bas (ce qui n'interesse pas les proprietaires) et de recuperer les taxes sur les locations touristiques de la part des hotes qui ne les payent pas.

Berlin reste definitivement une des capitale les plus interessantes en matiere immobiliere (ville historique, active, artistique et surtout pas chere).

Vous dites que les charges sont cheres.
Je ne sais pas ce que vous diriez si vous saviez a quel point l'immobilier est plus cher ailleurs.
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