Ambassador program took my referral bonus

Ambassador program took my referral bonus

I recently invited a friend to host and helped her set up her listing. 
When she clicked on my referral link she was automatically transferred to an ambassadors page. I though it was an automatic thing airbnb did and ignored that. 
Later when I didn’t receive my bonus for the referral, I contacted airbnb and they told me the Ambassador has already received the bonus and it can not be re-issued to me. 
I took action and contacted that ambassador - as a member of the airbnb community. I explained that there has been a mistake and that I was the one who did all the work (the ambassador only sent a generated message “I’m here to help you, if you need”). The ambassador sent back a “sad face” emoji and refused to correct the issue. 

It’s very disheartening, that the ambassador program trumps over a simple superhost like me - who wanted to help a friend and do all the work (house manual, listing pictures, listing description, inventory list) - and did not get the fair remuneration that airbnb promised. 

I’m sure this is a glitch in the coding program that could be addressed. I have spoken to multiple Airbnb representatives and no one was able to assist or offer to fix this issue via IT department. 

To this day, when my friend clicks on my airbnb referral link- it automatically takes her to the ambassadors page. 

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How do you know who is a superhost ambassador. Someone just found me on facebook messenger and said they were an ambassador

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That's outrageous. I noticed a lot of hosts posting lately about not receiving their referral bonuses. I wonder if this is why...

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Hi @Cristina--And-Cody-0 ,


Just dropping you a DM so we can look at this referral link bug.


You can find it under your profile pic and name in the top right hand corner in Messages.



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I just had the same issue. I have spent over a month trying to get them to look into the issue further and they keep saying the same thing. 


From what I can tell, either my host referral bonus went to some guy named JP or Airbnb Ambassador that Airbnb connected my referral to help her with setting up her listing. At first they told me that Scott got the referral and later they just say that someone else referred her. 


This is super frustrating! Has any ever gotten one of these cases resolved? 

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Hello @David9595 ,


I noticed that you posted on multiple threads about it. I raised your concern to the team and got to know that the necessary information has been communicated to you.


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Hi @Bhumika the necessary information was communicated to me? Please get back to your team and ask them two questions: 


1. Why didn't they reach out to the host that I referred to verify what I was telling them? 


2. Why didn't they reach out to the host that DID get the referral bonus to confirm that he had sent my friend a referral link before me and that he did have some kind of connection to her (i.e. he actually knows her and it would make sense that she would use his link instead of mine). 




Answer those two questions for me and I will leave you all alone. 

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Hi @David9595 

Just to clarify, the community management team including myself and @Bhumika are not Airbnb Support and this community forum isn't a formal branch of Customer Support.

We are here to facilitate host to host conversation and provide a space that encourages authentic discussion about what is important to Airbnb Hosts, whilst keeping it respectful and constructive.  With that in mind I've edited your post to keep it within those guidelines.


Wherever possible, we do try to elevate Host questions and issues internally, whilst also trying to get more information where possible.  

Normally if you've any further questions about what's happened, we'd recommend reaching out to Airbnb Support directly and opening a new ticket, but I've escalated to a different team within Airbnb to ask if they can review your overall experience and answer your questions.

I hope that they're able to get this sorted for you.



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I never saw my bonus - I even reached out to the ambassador that received the payment and asked her to transfer to me and she agreed to do it via Airbnb - but airbnb never transverse that money to me. 
to this day - when my friend clicks on my referral link - still sends her to an ambassador page and not mine. 

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