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A guest left a mug and an insolated water bottle. How do I contact him to know if he wants them sent somewhere. I have not figured out how to ask questions of airbnb. This is simple, but when I say I want help, all I get is articles that do not answer ... Latest reply by Helen744
Hi, Does anyone know how to create a "booking window" at the end of a guests stay? As an example: James is staying with me for 8 weeks and he checks out on the 10th January. I want to allow anyone to book for a period of time but they right now I only wa... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0
When we have Airbnb guests staying on our property, for me, it’s a ‘clean slate’…..there are these new faces to drivel to…….trot out all the old familiar stories, unload our life experiences on! A few weeks ago while having an evening chat with guests, in... Latest reply by Trude0
Does anyone else find the requirement that you can only cancel one in 100 bookings to maintain SH status really mean? We all have things that might very rarely come up in life (I had an accident when I had to cancel). This doesn’t mean we are less great h... Latest reply by Tyson54
I have several coupons to Airbnb and need to know when it expires without checking by adding it to my account as I need to send them to people. Please advise.
Air bnb have been no support at all to me as a host.does anyone know who I can escalate my complaint to? I’ve just had a really complex incident at my property. In short, a guest reported an accident at my property,I tried to attend to help, but the guest... Latest reply by Tina9064
Hello everyone my name is Leah I currently live in Indianapolis, IN and looking to become a Co-host on this platform. I currently host now and I just started and it’s going good. **[Personal advertisement removed in line with the Community Center Guidelin... Latest reply by Bhumika
Hi! I am a new Airbnb host (just listed our house in Lake Lure, NC) and looking to sign up to get an experienced mentor! I understand this is a new program. Does anyone know how I can get signed up? Thanks so much! Latest reply by Chanel85