DIY decorations for upcoming host meetup

DIY decorations for upcoming host meetup

It is so exciting preparing to host our first Montana State Airbnb community meet up. There won’t be a lot of branded merchandise at this event because it’s months from being delivered and the event is right around the corner. But what makes for a fun event, is the same thing that makes the fun host CREATIVELY! Have you made or do you have any ideas of things I could make that would add to my host meet up. I saw one group made a homemade logo out of red pool noodles lol. I’m adventurous with a glue gun, so throw those ideas at me. Any suggestions Photos it’s all really appreciated.


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Manly, Australia

Hi Good luck for the meet up.


At our Earth Day Beach Clean up day we had cookies made with the earth day logo on them and we used these as the centre piece and they were loved by the hosts. 


We also took along reusable plastic plates and drinks in aluminum cans to share - as the aluminium cans can all be easily recycled. I chose food that had minimal plastic and packaging. We did up a beautiful plate of fruit and cut up vegies to have with dips and made a brownie to share!  


Good luck. 

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Adelaide, Australia



Hi from Adelaide, Australia ,


Last Summer in our meet up , I made Airbnb belo sign from recycled paper and cardboard. Good luck with your meet-up.

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Stellenbosch, South Africa

Hi, I'm Deirdre, an experience host community leader in Cape Town, South Africa. At our recent meetup the community leader for homes made this Airbnb belo from pool noodles. I see you've already seen this idea, but just sharing a photo. Good luck with your meetup!


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England, United Kingdom

@Jennipha-Lauren0 I’m the co-host of the Peak District host club in the UK. I don’t know if you have any rural members, but we had a meet-up last year at my yurts on our dairy farm, and the activity was going to visit our own ice cream parlour and choosing an ice cream.

Obviously I know not many people make their own farm ice cream, but everyone loves cake…….!  How about just baking a lovely large cake with an Airbnb logo in icing on top, big enough for everyone to have a slice of Airbnb?!


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Lecco, Italy

Hi @Jennipha-Lauren0  congrats for your first meetup!

I'm Claudia, Lake Como Host Club community leader with @Cinzia76 and Francesca 


I share with pleasure with you some photos of one of our last meetup (September 2022), in Villa Monastero, Varenna, one of the most beautiful villas on east side of our lake


We involved a musical association that played, for the occasion, the "4 Seasons" of Vivaldi and we prepared homemade bags with some information inside: about Host Club, tips for a sustainable home, flyers of touristic itinerary or what to visit in our area given by local infopoint


Hope these are useful tips for your meetup 💪











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Huskisson, Australia

@Claudia331 it is great to see the green sustainable leaf making a show with the home made bags with tips on the sustainable home. I hope Airbnb is listening.

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England, United Kingdom

You’re a marvel @Claudia331 !

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Yomitan, Nakagami District, Japan

Hi, I’m Rie,hosting in OKINAWA Japan.

I'll share my ideas from that meetup.


We had a meetup on 2021 April 22.

I prepared a map of our island and had participants pin the location of their listings.


At that time in Japan, it was mandatory to wear masks when gathering in large numbers

pin map .jpgIMG_6105.JPG

So I took a Polaroid picture of unmasked smile face at the reception



I put it on the self-introduction card and posted it.

The font for the self-introduction card is Airbnb font.

You can make it below link


Taking a Polaroid is a good ice breaker, and knowing where the listing is makes it easier to have a conversation.


Hope this helps with your meetup!

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England, United Kingdom

So creative @Rie9 

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Huskisson, Australia

@Jennipha-Lauren0  I have just read your message wanting ideas for your Airbnb Community meeting. I am not sure what ideas you require but I have looked up Pinterest and thought these ideas are not too expensive, but just take a little time to assemble.






Just leave off the Merry Christmas




You can put a couple of seeds on blotting paper and put in an envelope with words on the front

"Seeds of Gratitude"


Or make a card with 


I hope these ideas can be of use. All ideas taken from Pinterest. 

All I can say @Jenny  thank you for the homework, but I have enjoyed getting lost again.


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Community Manager
Galashiels, United Kingdom

Hi @Jennipha-Lauren0 


I absolutely love this idea!


I thought I'd tag @Kitty-and-Creek0@Clara116 @Cathie19 and @Laurelle3 to see if they might have any thoughts on crafty ideas!



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Congratulations 🎉

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