FUN~ tourism promotional videos [Korea]

FUN~ tourism promotional videos [Korea]

I first saw these a while back and had so much fun watching them the first time....and again and again.

They really are weirdly addictive 🤣 🤣 🤣 so I thought I'd share~ ENJOY~


Weirdly addictive tourism promotion videos of Korea GO VIRAL


Feel the Rhythm of Korea: SEOUL




Feel the Rhythm of KOREA: BUSAN




Full list is here :


A little bit about pansori -

[INTERVIEW] Leenalchi blends alternative pop, traditional pansori -

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Weirdly addictive! 😅


I think it was a success gaining lots of views. Anyway, here's a current look at the tourism statistics in South Korea

south korea tourism statistic.png


Image Source:


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Mazatlán, Mexico

Thank you for sharing @Jessica-and-Henry0 so great to see imagination and something different. I love them.

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Zagreb, Croatia

@Jessica-and-Henry0  funny moves  😄

We hosted A LOT of Korean guests in the pre-covid era. More than any other nation. Very polite guests 🙂

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Swansea, United Kingdom

This was a fun and whacky promotion! Thanks for sharing @Jessica-and-Henry0 . Our first Guest came from Korea. We have very fond memories of her. She was our first Guest and we were her first Hosts. She came to see the football here in Swansea as you have a famous player who joined the Swansea team. We exchanged small gifts and we still have the bookmark she gave us. She inspired us to want to visit South Korea.


Such a lovely story about your first guest! Thanks for sharing...... and if you do decide to come to Korea for a visit I'd be happy to help with suggestions and advice. 😀 

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Swansea, United Kingdom

Thank you so much @Jessica-and-Henry0 . She was a really special person. Often think of her when dealing with Airbnb stuff. You are really tempting me to  come and visit South Korea....!

Do you know the name of the Footballer that she referred to? He joined the Swansea team. I think he was famous in your country.

@Mary996  Unfortunately.... not a footfall fan so I had to look it up.😅 but yes~ he is a well-known player.


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Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


Nice !

So now guests are asking you to perform such a dance for them ? 😀


On top of hosting..... provide entertainment?!?!?!  🤣 

If the guest agrees to dance with us.... we might consider it~ 😅