Hi Everyone

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Hi Everyone

My Names are Caroline Ashley I am from Nairobi Kenya (born and raised) though currently residing in sunny San Diego California.  I have an apartment listing located in Riverside Drive, Nairobi Kenya providing my clients easy access to various shopping centers , Nairobi Central Business district and easy commute to renowned Nairobi National Park.

I joined Airbnb community this year February 2023,  and due to all the hard-work put in and good customer service provided, I have just been awarded a Super host status. I am extremely excited and grateful to all my past clients for their wonderful reviews. Looking forward to connecting with other Super Hosts.


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Congratulations, and I wish you continued success.

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Hi @Caroline2577 ! Many Congratulations and thank you for sharing your excitement with us!


How are you enjoying your journey as a Host? We would love to hear from you everything about it!




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